Mobile web – WHY?

Mobile Web – some concerns

Yes, most smartphones are essentially pocket computers. You can do almost everything a desktop or powerful laptop can do, with very few exceptions.

There are other differences as well – such as the ease of use (We will always prefer large (and multiple) screens, a full keyboard, and a mouse – over swipe and so on…)

But that recent NYT (fake news / propaganda) article talks about people reading stuff on their smartphones and the quagmire publishers (like us) have.

I agree that there are some things to consider when presenting your work on mobile phones and other smaller display port devices – but I wish it weren’t so.

I’m still a firm believer that mobile devices, especially PHONES, should be limited to fundamentals. Talking to people and perhaps a quick email and text message or two.

mobile smartphone access

READING – I mean really reading!

Reading is a bigger nut to crack. Sure, getting “quick info” is necessary at times – but many articles on the web require attention-span and contemplation. Reading a well-thought-out article on line at Starbucks isn’t a good idea. It really is not. A thought-provoking piece often requires re-reading and pause – which does not happen when you’re walking around.

But one of the sad facts these days is – that hardly anyone delves deeper into their interests. Mostly “scanning” for the point, then moving on to the next. Form an opinion – and that is it. Maybe a comment or two, a like or downvote, then fuggedaboutit.

And especially when it comes to “MSM” garbage like the NYP or WaPo it’s a bigger quagmire. Because those sites (which once represented objective news) are now peddling for others. Gotta pay the bills, right?

A quick side-note. Most “blogs” or information outlets out there today are indeed biased. Which is fine. People have interests, feelings, and opinions which they want to convey. But “NEWS” is and always has been expected to be purely “fact” oriented.

I’m not sure when the change happened exactly – but it’s evident that the “MSM” news abandoned objectivity a long time ago. Sometimes they’re on point – but often they are not. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the motive is – and has to be thought about for each piece they present. Mind-numbing.

Disinformation, misinformation, screwing everyone.

The fact that “gatekeepers” such as Google are involved, makes it that much harder. Play by their (unknown) rules.

Many independent publishers are having a hard time these days. Honesty does not pay as well as ass-kissing and disingenuous fakery.

Sure some people would trade their souls for money. But there are plenty of others who will not.

Why can’t people figure it out?

Like I said before – waiting online for a soy latte is not the ideal place to ingest important material about the world.

Or deciding your fate.

Reading is an important part of humanity. Whether it be books, online articles, or anything else.

Portability has been around since the dawn of publishing. But there was a profound difference.

You never saw anyone with 100 books on their person. Most often it was ONE. Untilt they were done.

Some “bookworms” may have had more – but was the exception rather than the norm.

Today – people ingest dozens or 100’s of different “tidbits” from around the world. And we’re not really much smarter than before. We just think we are.

Depth of knowledge is shallow these days in our opinion.

Conversations are short-lived and quick-hitting.

Which is why we like to take our time and read important things in the comfort of our home office and massive screens.

Most of the time at least.

“Googling” something on a smartphone has its time and place – and more often than not it’s for a store’s hours and/or phone number. That’s all.

But ask the rest of the population how much they really do (and/or rely on) via their device – and you’ll get an incredibly different response.

mobile web surfing not a good idea

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