cc:’ing THE WORLD

cc:’ing THE WORLD {that is what social media is!}

(Followup to the “What is wrong with social media?” and “free blogger” posts from this week…)

Millennials won’t understand this – but about 20 years ago or so – EMAIL – was the big thing. It’s where you communicated outside of the telephone or in person. Texting was making inroads at the time but wasn’t prevalent yet.

And work email was king at the time. In your office. At your desk. And you co-workers would often create email threads or chains – with a few people “cc:’d” on it. Maybe planning happy hours, or other silly things.

Sometimes – a person would “forward” that chain to an outsider who was then let into the conversation. Sometimes it got annoying, but it sort of ended there.

And in RARE instances – some buffoon sent some “racy” thing out ACCIDENTALLY to his entire address book. People like the VP of the company would receive stupid stuff – and it was embarrassing. Shunned upon in fact. People hated when some dope copied everyone. It disrupted the natural method of conversation.

That is Social Media today. Most people just create posts – and THEIR ENTIRE ADDRESS BOOK SEES IT. It’s the exception that messages are sent just between a few people. Yes, it happens – but it’s the exception. At least how we see it.

So if people hated cc:’ing the world 20 years ago – WHY IS IT OKAY TODAY?

And equally important – how many of you see the harm it is causing?

cc the world what social media has become


The architects of social media may have been on to something. “Let’s figure out a way to make everything everyone says public!”

Or something along those lines.

To get a large mass of people (at least) exposed to what the rest of the people are saying certainly opened up many avenues of exploitation. Money. Ad sales. Metrics. Whatever they call that stupid “data” these days. People became commoditized the minute social media took off.

Can you not realize that?

The psychological addiction to the platform they’ve created and trapped you in – is for the benefit of OTHERS – not you. Sure, you are led to believe that it is a necessary part of your life – but is it really?

We ABSOLUTELY NEVER use social media for ANY part of our private lives.

Everything we do is done either personally or via private email and phone/text exchanges. Photos. Meetups. Etc. Never done “in the cloud.”

That is something you all ought to consider right away. Getting back to more basic things.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder if you had the ability to be honest with yourself:

  1. What would happen to your life if you “unplugged” from all that? Say, just used email? Or even worse – just a telephone?
  2. What would happen to your network of “friends” if that took place? Would the relationships change? How?
  3. How would your life change minus that non-stop interaction? Would relationships get stronger or weaker?

Surely this will be unfathomable for most – but I do know for a fact there is a growing number of people doing it. Just probably not to offset the number of new (uninformed) young users getting added by the minute. That is our future.

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