What is wrong with social media?

What is wrong – with us – with so-called “social media?”

Remember not too long ago – that when someone or some company sent you an email – it came with a legal notice or disclaimer at the end? Saying something to the tune of “this is private, and cannot be re-transmitted, re-distributed, etc., without the express, written consent of blah, blah, blah?”

One would suspect that it may have held some weight back in the day – or those probably wouldn’t have been included.

I cannot vouch for whether that is factual or not – but had to mention it.

TODAY? Anything you say on a social media network – even if it wasn’t sent directly to a particular person – will END UP UNDER SCRUTINY.

Why do people get into flame wars on social media?

flame war - What is wrong with social media?I know, I know – a fairly large number of people believe that in order to “be someone,” you need to be on one of the myriad of social networks. Twitter, FakeCrook, InstaHamming ItUp, and dozens more.

But other than the brilliant people who skillfully take advantage of the suckers out there (case in point Scott Adams “Girlfriend” Kristina Basham – Who just posts cleavage shots online in order to amass 3 million people following – plus paid offers left and right) – it is a total waste of time for the rest of the online population.

They are out there – the folks that do well. But it’s not in the millions. Not in the 100’s of thousands. I’d say it’s barely in the 10’s of thousands. Barely. Out of over 350 million other Americans.

The rest of the “litter” is far below that threshold. WAY, way, below (i.e., that means meager compensation and short-lived moments of popularity). And constant work. Superficial work.

The big league of social media – and upscale payments – is reserved for a VERY small club. Sure, bigger than days past when TV or movies were the sole outlets – but overall per person compensation is down.

Anyway, back to my point…

Too many people in the social kitchen…

Everyone and their brother is involved with social media now. The “app” nature of it allows people to “chime in” 24 hours a day. In all mental states.

Key phrase: “All mental states.”

Which means that even when under the influence, or during other questionable moments (anger, sadness. See Trump winning for some idiot breakdowns…) – their emotions might get the best of them. And the instant ability to “post” anything is a fatal flaw. Even if you QUICKLY DELETE – Those things are rarely “unremembered” from the interwebs. 99.9% chance someone saved a screen shot.

See where I’m going?

The instant-access of it all only leads to almost guaranteed “I shouldn’t have done that” moments for practically everyone.

Not good.

(other than) social media

See – this is one of my thoughts. So many “fish in the sea” of social media. Why aren’t more people looking elsewhere?

peace and quiet - What is wrong with social media?For many things. Like contentment. Happiness. Contact. Etcetera.

Is it because the social media realm is so enticing? That “I gotta refresh and check” addiction is SO STRONG that people cannot distance themselves from it? Or even realize alternatives? Is it because of where they live (i.e., competitive cities filled with doofuses?)

I don’t know about anyone else – but it’s easy peasy. Just got to understand it. And understand it fully.

(Usual disclaimer – we post on a few networks – but rarely via the native application – mostly via automated systems that allow us to disseminate without infection. Getting into a timeline is sickeningly drawing. You swipe or scroll almost until you’re asleep. Not sensible for a good life. And another reason 90% of the passengers in cars are looking down at their phones. Can planet earth send an S.O.S. to someone soon?)

We gave up soon after we saw the “infection,” and have been more astounded each month since our disconnection.

The whole scene is turning into a sick wide-scale game show. Worse than any moronic Hollywood movie has ever previously imagined. A combination of zombies, idiots, dopes, suckers, morons, fools, sheep, heck I could go on and on… but I’m fascinated by the rate of infection. Beyond belief.

Our world has become a mockery of its past self. Like a farm of chickens with their heads cut off.

Days of careful contemplation and long bouts of reflection with deep thought and analysis are rare. Patience is non-existent. Demands for instant-gratification are the norm. Depression is at an all-time high – as well as prescription drug use.

If that is where the world is going – let the best team win. If everything is “data-driven” and “cloud-based,” I think you can see where that road leads – but who am I to judge.

Being anti-social will certainly make a huge comeback. I’m betting on it. Not just from “old people” who can’t use tech. But from the younger generations as well. I think the skin is coming off this phenomenon – and a reversal is on its way.

Just a matter of when.

Plan accordingly.

your brain on social media - What is wrong with social media?

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