Snowflakes afraid of Trump

Snowflakes afraid of Trump in NJ

Man – one local “fake news” site in NJ allowed one of their pansy contributors named “Troy” to publish a piece of crap called “Erase the T-word and make the Internet great again.” Translation?

Snowflakes Afraid of Trump.

It’s astonishing that people are actually so offended by Donald J. Trump, that they have to resort to saying the “T-word.” Actually, it’s not astonishing – it’s what you get when millions of people allow themselves to be indoctrinated by manipulative media psychological tricks.

Let’s break down this pathetic nonsense.

snowflakes afraid of trump in NJ

No doubt many readers are still suffering from the catastrophic results of November 8th.

Catastrophic? Really? Why is that, because you thought your beloved Crooked Hillary was going to win? They love using big words like that to imply something that isn’t. It’s more likely the results would have been catastrophic if the outcome was opposite.

A running joke for late night talk show hosts suddenly became our reality. The country–even the world–now faces a very real existential crisis.

There we go again. “Existential Crisis?” How? Most of these dimwits have no understanding of history.

After two years of reading daily stories about a lying orange megalomaniac, we now face endless stories about the terrible things he might do, and even worse stories about what he’s actually done.

Okay, first they erroneously call Trump a liar. (Uh, hello Hillary? The questionable history of that “lady” is too long to list), then straight into ad hominem attacks at his skin color. Progressive playbook 101.

How nice if it would all just go away.

Sort of like the monsters under your bed?

Rejoice, because a Brooklyn-based software developer has created a way for that to happen–online, anyway. He’s created a free Chrome extension that deletes all mentions of the president elect from your browser (as long as you use Chrome).

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

This might seem a little extreme, but for those who can’t bear thinking about the oompa-loompa-in-chief, it’s a godsend. Sure, it leaves a big hole in news sites, but better to err on the side of caution. With this extension installed you’ll never be shocked by stories of angry and poorly-reasoned tweets aimed at world leaders. Really, it’s better not to know.

Godsend? Head in the sand is more like it. And being “shocked” by someone’s words is a weakness – nothing to be proud of. “Better not to know?” Like how do you feel about how our debt has doubled in the past eight years. They never mention any things like that.

Installation is simple. It’s easy to disable if you no longer want it. Once the filter is running, you’ll only see Internet pages free of a certain politician’s name, such as this one. It lets you focus on the good in the world. It’s important to stay positive, and if that means living in a bubble for the next four (or, god forbid, eight) years, then I’m all for it.

So once the five sequential letters in that word are gone – the world is a better place. More positive. What a bunch of buffoons these people are. Like they won’t be able to figure out what is missing? They’ll probably notice it even MORE! Burn on them!

Sure, living in a leftist echo-chamber bubble is probably what got us into this disaster in the first place, but some of us aren’t ready to come out yet. I’m keeping the filter on. I just wish I had one for my TV set, as well.

Wow – one thing that made sense! “living in a leftist echo-chamber bubble is probably what got us into this disaster in the first place.” So if you’ve admitted it already – aren’t already on the way towards “recovery?” I thought that was the first step. Why aren’t you ready to “come out” yet?

Turn off the TV and the news and you’ll be much better off without that propaganda anyway.

Just go back to the basement and leave Making America Great Again up to real men. There are still plenty of skinny jeans and soy lattes left for everyone else.

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Can you image the utter tyranny the snowflakes would impose if their side won?

Psychological projection explains their motivations and worldview. They project their worse thoughts the Trump side. All the claims of bigotry and dishonesty comes from their own bitter cauldron of disturbed thinking.


I wouldn’t want that guy on my side in any war or battle.