7/15 BoE Meeting Canceled

7/21/2008 Update:

One Hoboken411 reader (and resident) wonders “WHY?” the meeting was canceled!

From the looks of it… I have to say it doesn’t seem “right…”

What’s the deal?

“FACT: On July 10th, an email was sent to all board members that 3 trustees; Garcia, Defalco, Raia, may not be in attendance at the july 15th boe meeting. That would leave Minutillo, Gilliard, Markle, Romano, Farina, Rhodes-Kearns- 6 trustees… an interesting possibility of their being a 3-3 split on the agenda…

FACT: On July 15th word came that board member Frances Rhodes Kearns would not be able to make it… still leaving a quorum

FACT: On July 15th, at 2:15pm the board secretary polled the remaining members of the board to see if they were planning on attending the boe meeting those available; Minutillo, Gilliard, Markle, Romano, Farina – A QUORUM- but with a Kids First majority… Hmmm…

However, Jimmy Farina didn’t like the quorum so he said he “wasn’t feeling well” and wouldn’t be at the meeting. He supposedly made a comment “we’ll be slaughtered”..

FACT: On July 15th, at 2:25pm Board President Frances Rhodes Kearns officially cancelled the meeting



FACT: at 5:30pm Frances Rhodes Kearns was seen shopping at the ShopRite (by another board member who also happened to be grocery shopping)

FACT: at 6:30 pm Jimmy Farina was dressed up and leaving his home (also seen by neighbor Theresa Minutillo in the midst of a conversation on the corner with his wife)

FACT: by 7pm Jimmy Farina was spotted at the little league championship game in Hoboken. Hmmm, “not feeling well enough” to DO YOUR JOB??

Rumor is that certain board members received calls to “stay home”

Whose playing games and WHY??

7/15/2008 Update:

MEETING CANCELLED: Five board members are “unavailable.”

Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with agenda item #1, right?

Here’s tonight’s tentative cancelled Hoboken Board of Education agenda for your review.


DATE: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
TIME: 6:00 p.m. Stated Session
LOCATION: Board Meeting Room, 1115 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Tentative Agenda

  1. Settlement Agreement on Administrative Consulting.
  2. Policies: 2nd reading: Travel (Amended); Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (Amended); Title I Parental Involvement; Policy Series 1000 and 2000, 1st Reading.
  3. Approval of minutes.
  4. Utilization of facilities: outside agencies.
  5. Creation of Positions: Network Systems Administrator; Part-time Assistant to the Television Director.
  6. Personnel: Appointments, including Supervisor of Special Services; Network Systems Administrator; Co/Extra-Curricular Staff; Music Coordinator; Social Worker; Teacher Aides; Theatre Director; Gifted & Talented; Part-time Assistant to the Television Director.
  7. Personnel, including: Reappointment of Part-time Clerks; Transfers of various staff; Replacement of program staff.
  8. Workshops, seminars, conferences, staff training.
  9. Special Education: Outside placement of students, related services.
  10. Renewal of temporary certificates of occupancy (TCOs) for temporary classroom units (TCU’S) for 2008/2009.
  11. Fiscal reports, school reports, fire drill reports, Board committee reports, A148 and A149 financial reports, budget line transfers.
  12. Claims, regular and workers compensation, addition to professional service contracts.
  13. Award of Bid Contracts for 2008/2009; possible award of food management contract.
  14. Acceptance of grant funds, including Reading First.
  15. Approval to apply for 2008/2009 No Child Left Behind Entitlement.
  16. CLOSED SESSION- Discussion of Negotiations; H.E.A., Principals/Administrators and Custodial/ Maintenance.

Any matters relating to the above items that may come before the Board. Please be advised that the Board may be required to go into closed executive session during this meeting to discuss potential litigation and personnel items. Action may be taken on all agenda items.

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[quote comment=”94351″][quote comment=”94222″]The voters elected them to dutifully attend these meetings, not cancel them and then go to Shop Rite or little league games, etc. It’s a shame, but something stinks in Hoboken, and it’s not the backed up sewers.[/quote]

Which voters are you referring to? The voters that voted them in either want the corruption to continue, or have been pressured to vote for them. They don’t give a toss that ethical boundaries were crossed – they don’t even know what ‘ethical’ means. You seem to think that ethically minded people actually voted for them. It’s my guess you might be new to the process.[/quote]
You’ve missed my sarcasm. If you read my earlier posts, you’d know I’m not new to the process. And the sheeple that continue to elect these do-nothings to the BoE deserve what they got…Do-nothings for the children, the taxpayers, the teachers, the budget, the high $26K cost/pupil. Only do-somethings for their relatives and patronage mills protecting their turf.


EASY E- its only when people act childish by assuming
they’ve uncovered some hidden plot that they
are labled a TATTLE TALE. I too would like to
see proof. Perhaps we should both request it from
that trustee that,I hope, has all the facts.


I had no assumption either way. It’s only when people use childish notions like that to claim that whistle-blowers are universally reviled do I get suspicious.

Post a little more proof, and perhaps I would be inclined to believe you.


Take it EASY ‘E’ – Why assume anyone is hiding
anything? Why assume that the TATTLE TALE TRUSTEE’S perception is reality? Even a 12 year old knows what happens when you assume.


What would be more fun to watch is the presentation of the city council’s financial advisors. If we ever get an FA hired, I think that will be a meeting I will clear my schedule to attend. The mayor will probably flee the country ahead of that meeting.