Does Technology take the fun out of life?

Does Technology take the fun out of life?

Think about that for a moment: Does technology take the fun out of life? Or does it add more fun than previously possible? What is the net-net?

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Back in the day you’d just talk about Grandma and Grandpa until you saw them again. Not today.

Replacing the human element with the robotic, digital element

What are some ways that technology has (in a “perceived” way), been positively introduced in our lives? Most people find the advancements new and exciting. But what is really happening?

Smartphones. Everyone has a fairly high-resolution camera on their person at all times. That is good in a few instances – like if you need to document an important happening, crime, or anomaly (meteor, etc.) But most people are now using it ad infinitum. For every moment. With easy to use “creative” (oxymoronic) filters. What affect does it have on society when visuals can be captured so often? Too much unnecessary information? Too much tracking for the big web companies like Google, fakecrook, twatter? What is all of this going to mean in the future?

Discovery. I’ll admit that the interwebs certainly have allowed FAST ways to become “informed” about almost anything. Like how to build or fix something. There are “answers” to a myriad of life’s problems online. At the same time, it also makes it way too easy to get consumed by the minutiae of the world as well (Like celebrities, etc.)… Most of that Hollywood crap people could do without, but they designed it to be addictive. On purpose. Most of those “scandals” and sex-tapes are manufactured purely for attention. Learning things organically is a lost art. Interning for a craft-maker – rare. Gaining knowledge via personal trial and error – almost unheard of. Most people rush to the portal as their solution most of the time. You don’t realize it – but “googling” your life away also gives much of it away. The personal exchange between individuals is on a steep decline.

Professional sports. “Sports,” as most mentally-enslaved morons fail to realize – is purely business. A money-making business with “drama, excitement, and intrigue” as their selling point to the lemming fans. However, whereas sports used to rely on the human element (scouts, observations), now they have all sorts of computer-assisted methods of “data mining” in order to predict trends, analysis, and so on. The most tech-advanced team usually has a slight edge. It has become quite robotic and dry. What happened?

Getting around (GPS). I’d surmise that half or more of the drivers out there today just “use” GPS. Back in the day – GPS was helpful, especially for those in new areas, or drivers that needed quick, accurate directions (deliveries and cabs in particular). It helped them do their job faster. But now, GPS “apps” have incorporated many other factors – enticing drivers to use them even when traveling familiar roads. Waze comes to mind, as it adds crowdsourced information like potholes, dead animals, police activity, and other nonsense to the mix. This makes many drivers feel the need to use it. Sure, when we’re about to embark on a long trip – we might occasionally check a map program just to make sure there is no massive traffic delay before we head out on our intended itinerary – but not while driving. Figuring out which way to go is part of the fun. Understanding how to use a paper map is also fun. Getting to know particular areas without maps is more fun. And understanding cardinal direction without any technology is King. Like my dad used to say “study the maps!”

Learning and discovery is now pre-programmed without effort

Think about babies, infants, and toddlers for a moment. Luckily for them, they are not yet sophisticated enough to “tap into” that devilish potion all of us have access to. They learn and discover the truly old-fashioned way. Physically. With tactile touch, smell, and feel. Cause and effect. Surprise and wonderment. WE could learn a huge lesson by watching how a curious (un-manipulated) child discovers new things.

kids having fun with technology and without - Does Technology take the fun out of life?On the flip side – many children’s toys have become excessively electronic and limited in their use. A beeping bleeping toy does what it does – and nothing else. While blocks can be different things to different kids. See my point? How technology is truly digital (on-off).

I don’t ask this because I want things to “go back to the stone ages,” as many might suggest.

Practical things (personal tools come to mind) have their place in society. To a degree.

Maybe it should become some kind of prerequisite in the education of all children – to “learn how things were done the hard way,” before they become accustomed to the “new way.”

And it wouldn’t be hard to deny – that even a brief history of how it “used to be done,” is probably not enough. Living life when all you had was the “hard way” is probably the only way to understand (and appreciate) it. Because the new, “easy” way swoops in like an addictive drug, quickly eradicating any knowledge of the old way. Kicked to the curb.

What happens when one becomes “reliant” on technology?

“Reliant” can mean different things to different people. Some folks rely on social networks for their societal validation – while others rely on the entire internet to make every single decision for them.

That outsourcing to an external source may be great short-term – but what are the long-term concerns?

Like I’ve said 100 times before – look at what happened to Hoboken Zombies after the “epic” Hurricane Sandy swooped ashore. People were dumbfounded and panicky without electricity or cell service.

What does that tell you? Why did that NOT send major warning signs for everyone?

Develop your personal, physical network – not your online network

One tip I could suggest for consideration – is building a true network of useful people. Not “useful” in the way that “useful idiots” are used for a short-term cause (Oppose Wall Street, BLM, etc.) But real friends or acquaintances who have real skill.

Everyone is good at at least one thing. Some are great at one thing. Many are good at a couple of things. Very few are great at a lot of things.

Build a reliable network of honest, capable people. Yes, you need some tech folks in your mix. But not as many as you think. Get to know some carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and many more – because the need of those skill-sets will never go away. At least not short term.

For the time being – online still allows great connections (any backup?)

The great technology interwebs have allowed many similar people to “connect.” Great. All for it.

However – what if the big digital web just “vanishes” one day? What then?

Which is why – if you’re part of a trusted group of similarly-minded people, you ought to share your real (physical) contact info sooner rather than later. Because if you “security blanket” mechanism just goes away, you’re left out it the cold.

Those support groups you rely on – will be gone.

what if technology went away what about your online friends - Does Technology take the fun out of life?

Think about all technology – and how you depend on it

Naturally – I have hardly scratched the surface here. Maybe medical advancements might factor in (although I highly doubt it, since it’s one of the most lucrative and government-connected industries on the planet…), or perhaps transportation and other logistical avenues (think about how Amazon is a global monopoly…) have been left out. Cannot cover every thing.

But I guess it would be prudent to look at all the latest and greatest – and start asking questions. The best (always) is “CUI BONO?” Who does this benefit. Spend a few minutes drawing dotted lines and peeling back layers. Once you reach your destination – it may not be such a great idea to follow said “innovation.” But you need the ability to critically think – which is diminishing rapidly like a sinkhole.

We ask ourselves all the time. About how much information is enough.

Do I need 21-day weather forecasts? When they barely figure out 2-3 days ahead?

We certainly don’t care about news, sports, or celebrity. Thankfully.

Because of the “time-constraints” (most often self-induced), we do happen to sneak peeks at “quick fixes” for ordinary problems online (most specifically to our vehicle – because repair manuals cost an arm and a leg). Fixing a part on my Audi for exactly $14 on eBay vs. paying $400 at the dealer is a HUGE win. And personally satisfying.

We like leaving our phone home most of the time now. When going anywhere – it’s a very liberating feeling to one, not need it. And two, to enjoy life without it.

Have a good day.

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