Frank Sinatra HATED Hoboken

Frank Sinatra HATED Hoboken

I’ll reiterate the nonsense “glomming” that people in Hoboken still have over Frank Sinatra.

One, he’s long dead. His legacy is lessened by the day (and each fan he had). Yet some publications still hang on to him as if he’s still alive and smokin’ butts with the rat pack.

It’s tiring.

Frank Sinatra has some notable hits. Recognizable. Sure. So do many other thousands of artists. (Note to old school readers – We understand you loved Sinatra – and that is fine. You were there “first!” But this is yet another example of how typically quiet traditions have been ruined by over-exposure – especially by those with no expertise…)

But hardly anyone questions the “legacy” when it comes to the city of Hoboken, NJ in particular.

Just like the “Birthplace of Baseball” is still disputed to this day – the whole “Sinatra” love affair should also be questioned. Most promotions involving the name Sinatra – are with expectations of profit for other people. NOT for the love of the former entertainer.

I guess that is why it feels so “dirty” and disingenuous these days.

Frank Sinatra Hoboken - Frank Sinatra HATED Hoboken

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