Man with gun at Columbus Park


Reported over the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner:

“An off-duty officer spotted a Black male, white t-shirt, blue jean-shorts, blue hat w/white stripes in possession of a hand gun. The man is now heading westbound on 9th Street, and the officer retrieved the gun.”

They’ve apprehended the man now, near 402 9th street…

Nice to be near kids with a gun!


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Ken Lay

[quote comment=”92985″]Well, zxcv this might shock you but Hoboken is still a city with city problems. The suburbs have fewer problems of course, but not the same amenities either. It’s best to think of our town as being similar to a nice area of Brooklyn, but not all that much like Chatham.

I actually logged on because I wanted to find out what happened across the street…kind of hoping there’d be a little more info, but nothing yet I guess.[/quote]

Amenities? Do you mean the secure impound lot at 15th and Jefferson of the easy access to crack?


Anyone want tix to my gun show?


[quote comment=”93389″]Hoboken is a drinking down. Alcohol + guns = BAD IDEA.[/quote]

for some. but for some it just = MORE FUN


22 year old Officer Josue Velez is the one who prevented what could have been a lot of casualties. Good to see we have some new young cops who aren’t lazy Hooters-going drunks.


“There was a heavy civilian presence and I was thinking about the safety of the public,” Velez said last night, explaining why he didn’t shoot.

The teen ran up Eighth Street and down Grand Street, waving the gun and yelling at bystanders to “get down,” while many of them yelled “Don’t shoot,” police said.

Finally, Velez caught up with the gun-toting juvenile and the younger boy, 14, also of Jersey City, in a courtyard on the 400 block of Ninth Street, where he held them until police arrived, reports said. By then the youth holding the gun had dropped it, and Velez had picked it up.



Hoboken is a drinking down. Alcohol + guns = BAD IDEA.