Fighting among ourselves…

Fighting among ourselves {what they want?}

Look at most “news” websites. Doesn’t even matter what country. USA. UK. Russia. Whenever they post a story about American politics, the commenters (us) are fighting among ourselves (themselves).

Here is just one of thousands of examples from the Daily Mail over in the UK (which it appears, that many if not most Americans are commenters)

They say that if you take “corrupted” liberal states like CA and NY out of the mix – Trump would have won by over 3 million votes. And that’s not even including the incredible voter fraud that took place (biblical proportions couldn’t even help Crooked Hillary…)

But there is an amazingly visible divide between all of us. You can see it in those comments – and many other similar sites. This recent election has formed concerning division between citizens of this country.

The hate. The attacks. The complete lack of common sense. Or the ability to think, pause, and wonder what it all means. Connect the dots. Understand.

Or more importantly – to follow the bouncing ball (or dotted line – or whatever euphemism you feel comfortable with) regarding why.

It’s been two months since the results were in. And there is no subsiding of the hate. The anger. It seems to be getting worse. I’d say this is practically unprecedented. And I think technology and social brainwashing media is mostly to blame.

Rather than letting “fires” burn out naturally (which they do), FUEL is added to the inferno to keep it unnaturally burning way beyond.

Something, someone, some group(s) are feeding the fuel to the ignorant, easily duped masses. This is a major league psychology case study in the making. But it never will be. Because “they” don’t want this (clear as day) manipulation program exposed.

I’ll ask again – since (almost half) of the country did NOT express support for Obama during his last two election victories – WHY was there nothing similar happening? The NORMAL people of society accepted the result (unhappily) and forged ahead without riots and scandal.

With the little information I just provided – it should be enough for any dimwit to draw just a few connections to understand it’s coming from a particular group of privileged people. Who’s game was rejected; despite their epic efforts and cocky confidence that they “had it in the bag.”

Bitterness and envy and loss of control does crazy things to people. Especially if they “enjoyed” that racket for WAY too long.

They become desperate and insane.

fighting among ourselves is exactly what they want - Fighting among ourselves...

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