Your Digital Prison

Your Digital Prison {How to fix}

Below is a great video called What You Need to Know About Your Digital Prison from Christopher Green of AMTV.

He echoes what we’ve been saying regularly over the past few years in regards to the “grip” that technology has over people these days.

The constant staring at your 5″ screen and the myriad of apps you think you need in order to live your life.

For people in the publishing (or social commentary) business, it’s a tough line to walk. Because you sort of have to “consume” in order to be aware. The nuances are many. And it’s not a discussion that can be fully understood in one shot. Note that there are varying degrees of consumption. Just “being” on the internet is not necessarily one of them. Depends on what you do. Mindless entertainment, sports, and celebrity gossip? MSM news? Not good. Finding alternative media and peeling back the layers of deception? A much better idea.

But the message(s) are still important. And when we’re out of the “office” (i.e., on the internet) – we are disconnected. Being in the “real world” without consulting our “digital assistant” is one of the greatest decisions we ever made. Our mind thanks us daily.

And also nice to see is the increasing number of outlets that understand that “tech” is far from everything they hype it up to be. But it’s up to YOU (i.e., everyone else) to take that leap and understand what is happening to you while you’re voluntarily incarcerating yourself in that digital prison.

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