The gig economy

Uber, elites, apps, lazy people.

As “technology” invades our lives each and every day – how many of you think about it? How it applies to fundamental human things.

Remember that stupid marketing campaign from Staples with that “EASY” button?

If life became incessantly “EASY,” what would we do?

Anyway – below is a great piece for you to think about.

Uber, Gig Economy: “The Brutality of the System Is Being Lost on Those Who Actually Use These Apps”

Izabella Kaminska has been an Uber skeptic for some time (see Why Uber’s capital costs will creep ever higher and The taxi unicorn’s new clothes). In this video, she signs up as a gig economy worker and uses her experience to explore what she argues is a new form of feudalism. I particularly like her reference to Snow Crash.

An interesting book for you to read about the Precariat Economy as well.

FYI: Not about “poor worker conditions”

Now while I understand the minute some power-hungry a-hole gets command of some “big business” it can lead to problems. This is not about some slave-driving operation.

Although it might be, to some people.

Slaves were driven and driven hard. Prisoners for the most part – with limited rights, if any.

Every single one of these “gig economy” workers has the right to get up and go – WITHOUT getting crushed on the back with a whip.

Most of these so-called “workers” are ALL there VOLUNTARILY. Do you not see that?

Do you not see the “entitlement?”

If everyone (not just those specific workers) just said, “F-U UBER” (or whatever “gig economy” app) they would CEASE TO EXIST very quickly.

Alas, there are plenty of people who need an easy gig to make some money. To pay their addictive cell bill, drug habit, or whatever mess they’ve gotten themselves into. Heck, even just to make a living (i.e., Uber drivers are HARDLY making a living – all while the “creator” is buying mansions and snorting coke off a mule…)

So it comes down to supply and demand. I cannot see how demand for working for the likes of Uber will subside anytime soon. You won’t see Soros or any BLM dopes trying to shut them down. They cannot figure out how. No central location to protest and gain media attention.

The Gig Economy is crap.

There has to be a better way – beyond flashy apps

Every month of every year over the past five years has been about the latest and greatest “app” to make everyone happy. But what is happening?

A select few apps (and their creators, investors) get madly rich – while they seem to be hurting everyone else.

Remember the “per mile” rates of Uber just a few years ago? Many drivers were making six-figures. Now, most hardly crack $30k. And that is before expenses and other bullshit.

I understand how the apps become popular. Because they make life easier and “cool” (i.e., GPS status icons) for those that use them. But those that benefit (even just a few dollars savings a month), do not understand how it all fits into the big picture.

“Easy” should probably be paid attention to over the next few years. Because everyone is so addicted to doing things via a “few taps on my phone,” it’s creating a much bigger problem that those brain-dead narcissists just don’t care to learn about.

But they’ll learn. The old-fashioned way: THE HARD WAY.

I will be the last person to help some useless tech-tard out of a hole. They can learn the way most others before him did.

the gig economy sucks - The gig economy

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