How misinformation screws everything up

Misinformation is a tough nut to crack!

The knowledge (or misinformation) swirling around in the world today is out of control. Truly.

From bogus “fake news,” to concocted medical drivel, financial trickery and more – making sense of the world – at least from an honest perspective – is next to impossible.

And one ongoing part of this conundrum – is how we communicate – and what we do with that ability (or abilities).


False information has been going on since day one

Fake information. Disinformation. Or inaccurate information. Misinformation. Rumors. Lies. Manipulation.

It’s in the DNA of humans, I believe. The narcissistic bug that has infected us all. “Honesty is the best policy” was written by who?

Better said, “Money is the root of all evil.”

But I digress. Bullshit has been mingling with human beings since the beginning. And with today’s technological “advancements,” it makes it that much harder and time-consuming to sort out.

TMI – how misinformation screws everything up

Retweets of false crap
A million “healthy tips” articles (filled with falsities)
“just because you believe it” or
“just because they taught that to you in school…”

What about proof?
“Studies show…” (and the lemmings follow or believe what they read).
Okay – those are just printed words – without evidence that the studies were legitimate.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is all that counts

You can see all the crap, reports and so-called studies you want. Unless you performed them – or were intimate witnesses at the highest level – they’re all crap.

We’re all suckers to a degree. Some “information” surfaces about (insert subject matter here) – it could be about anything – and 99% of the populous accepts it as fact.

The minority that challenges the information either get shunned off or ridiculed. It’s extremely RARE to have a sincere open-minded debate or discussion with ANYONE these days. Especially with all the cognitive bias people have. Anything that challenges someone’s inner beliefs – you cannot discuss.

Same with history. Especially war-based history. You know how they say “the victor writes the history books,” right? That’s one of my biggest pet peeves. How many people just parrot what they were taught – and take it with them for their whole lives as fact. Not even a 1% open mind.

Understanding the motive

See this is what saves me every time – and why I’m never 100% certain about anything, ever. Because there is a motive behind almost all actions. Always.

Always keeping at least 1% of your mind (preferably more) open for other possibilities is one of the best things all of us who possess a human brain can do.

Same with wonderment and curiosity. I’ve observed that fewer people today ask “why is that?” than ever before. Too dumb to question much.

Looking beneath the surface of anything you encounter is probably one of the top five skills a human can possess. Even in relatively harmless looking circumstances. It’s just healthy to draw connections as to why things are. Or how.

The way most people cannot even comprehend what is going on underneath the hood of their automobile. That is society today.

If it’s not a “quick” answer via smartphone app – then it’s not good enough.

Find your capable friends and keep them tight. You’ll need each other sooner than you think.

And that is today’s Food for Thought!

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