Everyone is now a blogger

Everyone is now a blogger… {sigh}

Let me remind you about a post we made in the past – how Facebook and Twitter has all “converted” you into FREE BLOGGERS.

They created “dumbed down” platforms so easy to use “a caveman could do it!”

Let that sink in for a minute or four.

Your narcissism pays others!

social media time sucker zombieThe fact that a majority of people “bought in” to this social media frenzy (most often because “everyone else was doing it”), is incredible.

Your activity on these social networks is making others rich at your expense (time, energy, destroyed brain cells, etc.)

Whatever the mindset behind fakebook (or whatever today’s “hot” network) is – it has captured an entire globe. A planet called Earth.

Just observe your surroundings. I’d say an hour is a good sample. But you won’t need more than 15 minutes to realize how CONNECTED people need to be.

Your (free) activity on all those “networks” is making others very wealthy. Why? Because they gave you a “playground” to play in. FOR FREE! Yet they all profit madly from your participation.

Minutiae in full effect

I see “self-important” people, that have maybe four hundred followers – “tweet out” shit like the weather. “Wind warnings” or “Cold weather on the way” and other time-wasting things.

In fact – people that have a substantial amount of followers will get multiple “tweets” or whatever they’re called about the SAME FRICKIN’ THING.

It is just really pushing the envelope on TMI, which stands for “too much information.”

Stop participating now!

We’ve said this before – and we’re happy to repeat it. STOP playing in their playground.

People were fully able to communicate before all this mind-numbing stuff came along.

But the technology vortex (and mind control) has arrived…

free blogger social media zombie

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