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Does “As seen on TV” still hold weight?

For the longest time, the boob-tube demonstrated its command over the weak human mind – with brilliant marketing mumbo jumbo, fake (unverified results, and more. But does “As Seen on TV” still work?

It appears so – because products still boast the “as seen on tv” logo on their packaging across the board. I guess product-makers must either feel obligated – or even worse, proud to offer a product that was seen on TV.

(Note: It’s apparent that pretty much everything on TV is crap – including the “news” you believe is 100% straightforward…)

as seen on tv BS

Never “As seen online!”

The new “as seen on tv” is internet crap. Videos. Influential sponsors. Celebrities. Timelines. Instagram posts. Paid bloggers.

But the “as seen on” concept still carries some weight, it seems. Certainly more complex – and even harder to differentiate between the good and the bad.

I’m sure there are some diamonds in the rough (maybe the fruity vegetable slicer?) but most crap peddled on TV infomercials is utter garbage. Made in China with the maximum profit margin. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the capital to spend on incessant marketing, right?

Some stores we frequent have an “as seen on TV” section of crap for sale. I still take a peek every now and then just to reinforce my resolve no to shell out a dime for that stuff.

I recall days long ago that we also fell victim to the brainwashing. Most often it was some kind of exercise machine. I wish I knew then what I know today. What’s true about going through the negative experience is that you often have to suffer through the mistakes to solidify meaningful perception of the world. Even if those before you tried warning you.

Still, I’m still fascinated by this ongoing psychological mechanism that can gobble up millions of gullible customers. So much for the internet making the world smarter. Those marketing wizards apparently have a substantial lead to this day.

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