Movies affect people

Movies affect people {influencial}

I had this thought recently – about how movies affect people.

Because we’ve essentially “unplugged” from most of the entertainment avenues the average person “enjoys” in their lives, it’s allowed me to identify the feelings I get if and when I find the time to “indulge.”

A recent example was a movie we watched (and I forget the movie exactly). It had probably been six months since we made time to watch a complete “major motion picture.”

However, that movie “story” (and various scenes and dialogue) staying in my memory for a substantial amount of time afterward. At least a week.

Think about that for a minute.

If that was just one movie – what about hundreds? Or even thousands?

how do movies affect you - Movies affect people

Entertainment, Drama, Stories – how do they shape us?

Sure the same can be said for books (to a different degree) – or even interpersonal stories of centuries ago. But these “visions” we get either via imagination or actual onscreen images – are quite powerful.

Think about the various “themes” that movies seem to have in phases. Doomsday movies are big. Earthquake, Towering Inferno (70’s), Deep Impact, Armageddon (90’s).

Many of these movies play on human emotions. Then they throw societal curveballs into the mix while the person may be vulnerable to some extent. That somehow can actually alter a person’s behavior in real life down the line.

All this “programmatic” entertainment seems to always have other messages built into them. Like some Jedi trick. (What? Did I just make a pop-culture reference? See?)

Not sure I was all that comfortable with being “influenced” by an otherwise unimportant “flick.” It was noticeable enough for me to mention it here. Same goes for when we see an MSM broadcast on TV (like at a family member’s home). Something happens. You notice things differently after being away.

Try it yourself and see.

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