Take a vacation from crime


It’s my hope that all of you are smart enough to identify obvious scams and fraud operations out there, but one of our local Postal Inspectors offers the following sound advice.

Also, you can schedule a free presentation right in your very own office if you’d like!


Postal Instpectors offer tips for a vacation from crime this summer

U.S. Postal Inspectors are the criminal investigators of the postal service and are responsible for protecting the nation’s mail and those who use it from illegal activity. Many of their investigations focus on financial crimes and fraud schemes. As part of a nationwide consumer awareness campaign teaching citizens how to avoid becoming victims, Postal Inspectors are available to give informative presentations on these topics to your business, school, or community group (tenant/condo associations, senior groups, churches, etc.). Postal Inspectors supply informative brochures and DVDs, which are paid for through assets seized from convicted fraudsters.

Some common complaints investigated by Postal Inspectors include:

  • Identity theft
  • Internet auction fraud
  • Sweepstakes and lottery schemes (also known as Nigerian 419 or advance fee schemes)
  • Work-at-home schemes and employment fraud
  • Multi-level marketing (pyramid schemes)
  • Fraud targeting senior citizens
  • Charity fraud
  • Theft of mail
  • Suspicious packages
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Fraudulent health and medical products
  • Lonely hearts scams

According to David Collins, Postal Inspector-in-Charge for the Newark Office, “Our job is not done just because we make arrests and prosecute offenders.” He believes educating consumers is an integral part of the mission of the Postal Inspection Service.

To schedule a presentation, contact (732) 819-3207. Victims can also contact Postal Inspectors via their 24-hour hotline at 877-US MAIL 5 (877-876-2455).

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