Keith Olbermann Hilarity!

Keith Olbermann Hilarity!

I just find this funny. And very timely.

I tried telling a few folks recently – “Have you seen how absurd many well-known media outlets have become recently? It’s like a “stupid nuke” has struck our ENTIRE COUNTRY!”

Watch and enjoy. You gotta love Mark Dice. Since they limit his views (as much as they can), I can only wonder when a “nailgun accident” will fell this fine fellow too.

PS – How many of you are doing real things? Besides Cross-Fit, Eco-friendly endeavors, charity work, or volunteering? You ever collectively see how you’re all being commandeered into being useful idiots? Even entrepreneurial desires are being squelched by guilt.

Besides “travel” and other “experiential” narcissistic movements – just learn to find things you just “plain ‘ole like” to do. Screw everyone else and your social media updates to find an egotistic edge on others…

That said – who’s done with their Christmas shopping? Haha!

Keith Olbermann HILARITY - Keith Olbermann Hilarity!

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