Ke Ming Chinese

Ke Ming Chinese – 1006 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

The old Casual Thai restaurant at 1006 Washington Street was recently “re-branded” to Ke Ming Chinese.

Not sure if it’s the same ownership, but they kept the old phone number.

It’s too bad because Thai is not common in Hoboken. Sales were always slow at Casual Thai, too (which was good if you like quiet sit-down restaurants). Probably because the food was vastly inferior (taste wise) to Sri Thai downtown. Chinese food to us is a dime a dozen, cannot tell the difference. We avoid both Chinese and Thai these days because we are certain that whatever they use in preparing the food MUST contain MSG. It does something to us that hampers our ability to discern when we’ve had enough to eat. So we opted out a while ago.

ke ming chinese hoboken NJ 1006 Washington Street

Description: Ke Ming Chinese restaurant. Takeout, delivery, eat in. BYOB.
Address: 1006 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-656-6108

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