Unchecked Immigration

Unchecked Immigration – No big deal, right? Diversity!

Sweden is a country with about 10 million people.

And according to some statistics, they’ve rapidly “integrated” about 10 percent of that number of “immigrants” from other countries (Middle East, Africa, etc.) All within about the last decade or so.

Some would call that unchecked immigration because it’s insanely incompatible with a number of things (like history, tradition – as well as infrastructure and societal balance).

While others are all cheering for diversity and “inclusion.” Because, you know, we don’t need countries with their own identities! Let’s just keep mixing until we’re all the same!

Below is a video report you’ll never see on any mainstream channel. Worth watching in order to help you decide on what is going on.

No civil discussion can be had anymore either

The sad part about this whole situation is that civil debate is impossible. You have two sides. People that oppose and those that support (unchecked immigration).

However, it appears that those who support – are often in roles that yield them the “power” to make decisions for everyone else (i.e., politicians, lawmakers). All while essentially ignoring the arguments from those who oppose. They also managed to indoctrinate almost an entire generation or two of people that also support and cheerlead the whole racket.

Then, when destruction and mayhem arrive, and when those who oppose show evidence as seen above – no one seems to take responsibility. “It’s someone else’s fault.”

In most cases – the problem that has been created – is incredibly difficult and costly to rectify. Drastic changes would need to be implemented. Many countries in Europe are pretty much on the brink of complete destruction. The breeding numbers pretty much sealed that deal a while ago.

Not many places left these days…

unchecked immigration in sweden - Unchecked Immigration

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What I don’t understand is that how people feel good about the integration at first but then have no anger when it comes back to bite them. Hard.

Logic would suggest that there would be a massive revolution, and quickly. Why are they so powerless even with evidence? Are they so dumb that they cannot put two and two together?


And the “refugee” racket is a scam. Did you know that the Ohio State knife guy was living in Pakistan for seven years before he was admitted as as “refugee”? Did you know people needed refuge from Pakistan, a nuclear power? Neither did I.

Forget the photos of sad children appearing in “news” stories. It’s a scam.


“Diversity is our strength” is the Prime Lie of our age.

Nation wreckers who promote open borders are the mortal enemy of We The People. They keep chanting “Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength!” because no one would come to that conclusion based on objective observation.

Seriously, no nation whatsoever has lasted as a multicultural enterprise. Only periodic strong-men like Tito or Saddam keep things in check by liberal applications of bloodshed and genocide.

Yet our betters hyperventilate then activate the lie machine at any suggestion of reining in immigration. More people need to contemplate “what are they up to?”