Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting

Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting – Why so late?

The Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony was originally planned to take place on December 6th.

However, the city postponed it due to inclement weather (which never really happened).

They announced their new date of December 14th (tonight).

Why in God’s name did the tree lighting have to be pushed back a whopping EIGHT DAYS LATER?

It’s not like they had to schedule much for a hokie hour-long stunt. There were plenty of perfectly fine days (weather-wise) that it could have taken place on.

Some think they pushed it really far out because the “mayor’s” office wishes Christmas would cease to exist, and as a “burn” to the Christian residents of Hoboken. Lumps of coal, on the way!

Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting why the delay - Hoboken Christmas Tree Lighting

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Thursday, December 15, 2016 12:59 am

Christmas in Hoboken has become a joke. Just look at the decorations on the lamp posts on Washington St. They’re a disgrace. Try shopping on Washington St. and all you see ( and hear) are cops driving up and down the street chasing double parked cars. Packages are being stolen from lobbies all over town, and they’re worried about double parking.
Delaying the Christmas tree lighting is just another move by the Mayor to kill the old time traditions that made Hoboken so attractive.

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