Carlo’s Bake Shop Expansion

Carlo’s Bake Shop Expansion

Ever since Carlo’s Bake Shop got a TV show – they’ve expanded quite prolifically.

13 additional “shops” have opened outside of Hoboken, and three more are coming soon – including one at the Sands Bethlehem hotel-casino in Pennsylvania (as indicated on this billboard outside of Hoboken.)

I guess it’s good when a company does well in America. Can’t knock them for their success. They have customers willing to pay for their products.

However, the manner in how they succeeded is what should be considered pathetic. Mentally-enslaved TV-watching morons, plus people who essentially have no regard for their health – or anyone they “gift” these products to.

Sort of the same reason why drug dealers also always have customers…

carlos bake shop hoboken expands to over a dozen locations including sands PA

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