What is Waking Up?

Waking up – old institutions showing their colors

It seems that the good ‘ole interwebs are allowing some other facets of humanity to boil to the top the past few years since writing this piece.

  • The cultural divide is growing – Many large institutions are now sort of “exposing their hands” as to where they stand in the big “social justice” mantra of our times. When you have household names like Nike and Levi’s making political statements instead of just selling products, you know there’s a problem. And it’s not going to be a positive outcome, despite the bets they hedged.
  • Then you have sports, which used to be rock-solid reliable fun for most. Now that has turned into political and cultural identity. How can they be surprised to see massive drop-offs in viewership?
  • The “news.” More like the Fake News, of course. This fact used to be reserved for the small percentage of the population who could critically think and connect the dots. However, for whatever reason – the fake news phenomenon has essentially become mainstream – and deservedly so. The corporate media always controlled the narrative – and now finally people can see what was clear to us many eons ago.

The old guard is crumbling, and as many of them go away, you’ll see more and more desperate acts as the “waking up” movement becomes more unstoppable. Key things to watch carefully are what “replaces” them. Often wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Interesting times ahead.

Original post from January ’17 below…

Waking Up – A tough nut to crack

The phrase “Waking Up” is used prolifically among the populous these days.

waking upIt’s commonly referred to many things, both individually and collectively.

But for the purpose of this post – it means (for the most part) “understanding who is pulling the levers behind the curtains of society.”

Alternatively – it can be said that it’s “a totally new vantage point over my previous way of thinking…”

Or – “The astonishing realization that most of your previous world was bogus, and just now you’re figuring out how the whole system works…”

Many people give us flack for that phrase even. The people who’ve tried controlling the narrative for a long time have tried decreeing those who “dissent” from the popular opinion as “tin-foil hat” people. Kooks. Whatever.

That derogatory speech is a textbook response to dissent. It’s been used for thousands of years in an attempt to discredit those who are (temporarily in most cases) “in power.”

Even those in my tightest circle occasionally mock us for saying that. Laughing us down like we’re crazy. They watch and believe MSM. And I’m the crazy one.

They’ll be the first ones in line asking for help in the future, ironically.

Anyway – the following bullet points are keen examples of what it truly means to “wake up.” Your mileage may vary.

What is waking up? Can you help describe what you mean?

Okay – here are some easily understandable examples (as a primer):

► When any of (the countless) politicians get “busted” for corruption. Most often it’s money. Or some other kind of “abuse of power.” A simple internet search will reveal thousands just in recent history across the country. What does that tell you about the system of “governance” we have. And US as people? Let that simmer for a while.

► When any of the (countless) CLERGY get “busted” for some kind of perverted sexual deviance. Most often it’s children. Look it up. What does that tell you about the “protected” and “hush hush” aspect of the many religious institutions we have (and stupidly worship and donate to?) And why do they get such government protection and advantages?

As the great Comedian George Carlin said: “It’s one big club – and you’re not part of it.” The elite power brokers of this world cater to their “own kind.” Those with massive money, wide influence, etc. The “normal” people are just monetary units. Nuisances. Whatever. This is EXACTLY why we’re starting to ditch (otherwise great) places like Amazon. And most ASSUREDLY newcomers like Jet.com. Something IS JUST NOT RIGHT with their incredible string of success. Color me crazy – but the MATH does not add up. Something else is behind the curtains…


always ask Cui Bono

The common core: CUI BONO?

Almost ALL people who have actually “woken up,” typically have a common core theme: CUI BONO? I.e., who does it benefit?

► This is one of the reasons we feel “charity” organizations and emotional “feel-good” programs have proliferated beyond belief in the last decade. Because they’re manipulating you.

Most charity organizations benefit the organizers. NOT the charity they’ve conned you into feeling one way or another about. Not saying that all charities are bad – but the top ones are GOD AWFUL! (We won’t get into the details here).

But as those curtians are exposed – seemingly one after another – at what point to the rest of the people awaken? Or do they just somehow treat each instance separately and draw no correlation?

CUI BONO is you number one line of defense

So as any new “thing” surfaces in your mental timeline – whether it’s charity, plight, or whatever cause – the sensible person would take a step back. Draw some dotted lines. Identify the “emotional” aspect of such cause – identify the benefactors or curators – and start putting the puzzle pieces together. Doesn’t take much effort. However, those organizers love hiding behind the “cause.”

“How dare you criticize our plight to help retarded kids???” is what they will say. “How dare you want to look at our financials, or whom we’ve donated to? This is for retarded kids!”

In effect – they are HIDING beind some cause that is “politically incorrect” to criticize.

That is their weakness and their strength. They think by having a sensitive subject – that they’re able to shut off 99% of the opposition. Think about all the “good causes” that have been thrown in your face as of late: “Eco-friendly” crap (who hates the environment?) or “Equality” (how can you attack the unfortunate?) or “Diversity” (we all have the freedom to…)

I truly believe the majority of all charity organizations have deep corruption within them. As well as many people connected to such corruption. All about the Benjamins.

Is asking CUI BONO a lost cause?

I only ask this because the number of dissenters has seemingly dwindled over the years. More and more people are promoting the “feel good” causes than ever. That astonishes me for many reasons. How can that be? Because of the pressure of social media? Or the non-stop peddling of such “feel good” propaganda on MSM? Or the instant attacks on those that question the narrative?

And the inquiries into transparency have also lost their momentum. Those that do stand up and ask questions are quickly pushed aside and given very little attention.

When you see the careful manipulation that takes place before our very eyes – it makes you wonder what the strength of our society is.

At the same time – you have about half the country upset about a democratic election, without understanding why the Electoral College was implemented (i.e., to avoid power centers from dictating results).

Power Corrupts

waking up illusionsIn the end, it comes down to the so-called “human condition.” It’s a sad condition – but unavoidable.

Or is it?

As a population. (At least in the beginning), we designed a system that was supposed to work. It no longer works.

But I see NO ONE trying to fix it.

Many have tried – but have failed miserably.

In the end – Waking up means many things

As a baseline entry to the “waking up” club, it simply means understanding that not everything is what it seems to be.

There is typically another force behind what you see.

Take the electric car as an example.

One, you have a billionaire (Musk) who is fully capable of funding his “mission.” Yet hundreds of millions of tax dollars go into HIS project and HIS pocket. All under the “feel good” mantra of an ecologically “friendly” vehicle. (Don’t get me started about the punishing NON-eco-friendly aspect of the batteries they use… again, another day…)

► So when you see the connection between “Feel good” and “government,” you tend to “wake up” on that subject.

► Then it starts becoming more evident each time you wake up and peel back more layers.

Then you’ve started to weave a HUGE blanket of similarities. Then you say “what’s going on here?” You find groups of similarly-minded folks – and get exposed to the racket that our world is. More links, deeper understanding, etc.

The racket we live amongst becomes obvious. And there is no way you can partake.

Waking up does not mean NO options

If you have already gone down the “waking up” pathway – you might be depressed. That the whole world is fake and exclusive – and you have no way of reasonably breaking into the riches. Unless you become “one of them.”

Many new folks who have “woken up” feel the same way. Because in order to play “their” game, you have to be a total SHAM of a human being.

But you can still play the game – you just have to be an opponent. Not one who expects great financial return in exchange for your soul. That’s devilish.

Waking up doesn’t have to be violent – but needs strength

Many people say “waking up” is meant to be violent. A la some movie out there.

However, there is strength in numbers and cohesion. And importantly – UNITY.

Just as the (mislabeled) “Alt-Right” was going strong – it became fractured by both moles and opportunists – which is to be expected in any growing movement. Most tend to sort themselves out – but not all.

Unfortunately – as the information (misinformation – disinformation) web gets spun to more complex patterns, it becomes quite difficult to get to the bottom of it all.

Which is why one important tool at your disposal requires little effort compared to the other extreme (i.e., “revolution.”) And that is non-compliance and disconnection.

Unplugging from their game is easy. Don’t buy their products. Don’t subscribe to their entertainment channels (news, TV, movies, sports). Become healthy. Keep a low profile. Reduce your contributions to the machine in as many ways as legally possible. And find similarly-minded people to interact with. Not easy in liberal areas – but can still be done.

Good luck in your quest!

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