Is it always progress?

Is progress always considered positive?

Think about it…

Sex, procreation – turned into deplorable pornography and so on…

Tattoos – used to be used as a form of communication, tribal loyalty… now? What is it?

Government – The reason our constitution etc. – now thousands if not millions of laws which contradict and undermine the premise of “limited government.”

There are countless others – like (forced) “diversity,” as well as the present king of the hill “technology” that has claimed to make the world a better place.

At what point do people wake up? Or at least think about the bigger picture?

Progress is a word that is abused

progress overused - Is it always progress?Talking heads everywhere used hundreds if not thousands of “buzz words” that have been corrupted beyond belief. And most of the population does not ask why or how come.

Progress is one of those words.

They drop the word progress, or often the phrase “making progress” in their diatribes or carefully-worded speeches to the lemmings.

And those lemmings, sheep, or brainwashed morons are NOT thinking things like: “What do you mean by progress, exactly?”

They’re sitting there in glee as someone promised them a brighter future – all without much thought or criticism.

Sometimes progress means going in reverse

When a normal individual goes down a path – supposedly “progressing” along the way, and they make a mistake that causes them pain, harm, or detrimental circumstances – they typically analyze what happened – and often “rewind” back to that blunder they made. They “undid” the poor decision and tried a different path.

That is not the case with our society. Even if prior “progress” was a failure (way too many examples to cite) – they keep them in place most of the time – and add even MORE progressive changes to the mix.

Other than a few notable reversals (i.e., prohibition, etc.) how many times has TPTB reversed any proven failure? Hardly ever from a statistical perspective.

Just some food for thought for today. Something to contemplate the next time some bobble-head uses the word progress. Instead of believing their worthless words – think instead about the team that was behind their psychological operation and “CUI BONO?”

Have a nice day.

progress word abused - Is it always progress?

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Prohibition was reversed with a heavy dose of government regulation and billions in revenue. All the progressive laws have stayed put. I’m curious about the soda tax in Philadelphia and how long that will last. I give it a month max.