Wanting more

Wanting more {never enough}

We’ve written in the past about contentment – but is it a human condition… the desire of always wanting more? That “enough is never enough?”

always wanting more - Wanting moreThink about it.


Power / conquest.

Material possessions.

Status / attention.

Is it possible the feeling of always wanting more can never, ever go away?

What if you had “everything?”

Money (billions). What happens when you can pretty much buy or acquire anything you want? Say you had billions of dollars?

The biggest home. The largest collection of luxury cars. Swaths of private property.

How long before that is no longer enough?

Maybe this is why successful billionaires cannot just be happy. They have to do stuff like space travel or build and flip company after company. Accumulate even more wealth? Or get “involved” where no regular human can (i.e., global de-population a la Bill Gates…)

Maybe it’s also why sickos delve into sexual deviancy as well.

Pushing the envelope as far as having what was once unattainable.

this is not progress tattoos dyed hair - Wanting moreIf always wanting more is a human condition with potentially bad outcomes (i.e., deadly wars), I guess the best way to curtail it is to figure out a way to restrict the “new” in some sort of “slow drip” way – so that little victories would be enough throughout one’s life – without going to extremes.

Maybe that’s why they have little distractions like a new season of a psychologically addictive TV show, or the next best cell phone (iPhone 6 then iPhone 7) – to keep people distracted with less ambitious “next steps” in their lives. The last thing the “elites” want is a massive collection of ambitious and creative go-getters.

However – where would we be today if people did not “push the envelope” of human thought and experimentation? Sure, back when humans knew very little – each achievement was a miracle compared to today’s standards. The wheel. Agriculture. Electricity. Transportation. Communication.

What do we have left? Self-destruction?

global self destruction - Wanting more

Nothing is perpetual, cycles repeat, things end

A lot of people talk about “4th Turnings.” As “evidenced” in available historical publications, there is some kind of trend that appears accurate.

Maybe this next step is just the limit of human capacity and sensibility. Like a world collectively gone mad to their own falling. All this stuff just accelerating way beyond what makes sense. The rich get richer. The powerful grab more power. The poor get poorer. Who’s keeping tabs regarding where this is all going while people are in their own little worlds?

Where are the philosophers like the ones in the past who issued warnings that people actually thought about? Today, there are plenty of “truth-seekers” and other folks who can truly see the writing on the wall. Sometimes it’s as basic as simple arithmetic (i.e., the medical monopolies of today – have about 4-5 years left before devastating worldwide effects are felt). Other times it is just casual observers like us who can see what is happening around us just by looking around (the technology zombies).

But today’s philosophers – even with like-minded supporters – don’t get the traction necessary to make a positive impact. I cannot see it happening. At least not until it’s too late.

Too bad that more people cannot understand their own world and local environment enough to snap out of it – and summon others to join the crusade for a better world.

And no, that better world is not about “equality” or “tolerance.” It’s about UN-DOING the criminal nature of the “systems” that have held everyone down for centuries. More on that later…

So you better quickly “check-in” at your favorite coffee shop before you lose “mayor” status… Such grand achievements!

never enough for anyone - Wanting more

FOOTNOTE: Is it all “universal?”

As I was watching the stars and planets under a clear sky the other day – it dawned upon me – “Is this just a universal code?”

You know, they say the universe is expanding, right? Doesn’t that same “universal” principle apply to everything? Including us humans?

Think of a young child. Limited understanding and capability. Each day they grow. They learn. They yearn. Expand both physically and mentally. “MORE” is what they want. It’s BUILT-IN to their being. Each year they absorb more, head out on tangents, explore whatever it is that fascinates or intrigues them.

Maybe those simple examples can explain it all?

All of us. Beings. Planetary objects. Energy. Just expands as far as they can. No laws to be adhered to except that they “expand outward” regardless of what is in their way. For a period, at least. Until the end.

Those so-called “laws” may serve as roadblocks at times, but most of the time, the laws lose. Because of the universal law of expansion.

However – as the “universe” also demonstrated – some things COLLAPSE. Implode. Black holes. Destruction. End of life. And the start of something new. Probably because of themselves? Or those unwanted laws? One or the other expanded beyond their reach? A basic power struggle?

Maybe that is what the universe is all about. The inevitable. And your best option is to just “ride the wave” and accept what comes your way?

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