What a FUN New Year’s Eve looked like

What a FUN New Year’s Eve looked like {in Hoboken}

Since everyone is now conditioned into needing “safety” and all that other coddling PC crap – Today’s FUN New Year’s Eve events are limited to just drinking over-priced beverages and “watching the ball drop.”

Back in the day in Hoboken, fireworks were guaranteed.

People came out of the house. Chatted with neighbors while a few enterprising individuals had some fun. Nothing bad ever happened.

Here are a few photos from a Bloomfield Street display back in 2006.

And a video short we made on Adams Street towards the “end” of the fun (2012).

I’d be surprised if this ever happens again out in these parts.

Tomorrow it’ll be 2017. And in 20 days we’re scheduled to have a new President. Maybe good times can come back again.

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