SCIENCE vs. Narrative vs. Conspiracy

SCIENCE vs. Narrative vs. Conspiracy

Now that the 15th anniversary of the “lower Manhattan tragedy” has passed us by – I’d like to suggest some reading to you all. Some might call it feather-ruffling – others will say science.

TRIGGER WARNING: It requires time, effort, open-mindedness, and an attention span longer than a chipmunk on a triple-espresso.

As you might be aware – there are two main “narratives” to the whole tragedy.

1. It was “bad guys” who knew how to direct bulky commercial aeroplanes with pinpoint precision – and minimal training. (The “mainstream” story).

2. They fell because “other bad people put explosives inside.” (The “mainstream” conspiracy theory.)

But what only a few people actually ever considered – was scientific facts; completely looking into – and beyond – the other two narratives.

You see, because MOST people believe #1, and the “tin foil hat” people seem to think #2 – that leaves almost no room for common sense.

No one in those two groups (representing 99.9% of the populous) will even TRY to think outside of that framework. They cannot. They’ve been properly conditioned to not allow ANY NEW IDEAS into the mix. “Unthinkable!”

science questions about where towers

Science opens up doors – and minds. What happened on 9/11?

Well – for anyone that still possesses curiosity, or can differentiate between what is fact, what is proven science (like gravity), and other things – you ought to read this book.

Where did the Towers go? By Judy Wood.

500 pages filled with real science.

Initially, she didn’t “point fingers” as to what brought those buildings down. She only tried demonstrating what didn’t bring them down. Or couldn’t have brought them down. With pure science.

What did bring them down we don’t know – we can only theorize.

I’m not sure if anyone has read it. And it’d be a shame if no one has. But nothing opens eyes more than this well-documented book.

Keep in mind that there is so much technology that the “regular folk” out there have NO IDEA about. Many things in history have been kept away from us all (usually because of money). Think the light bulb, high-capacity batteries, and much more. The “planned obsolescence” theory is no bullshit. Ask Gillette why their blades get dull when they can last 100x longer.

What saddens me the most is, because of the “scary” nature of this terrible “tragedy,” almost no one can remove that psychological drama from their mindset to think clearly and truly analyze.

And those that do, either get murdered, publicly shunned (hello, fake news sites), and other mob-mentality tactics of eliminating conversation and stifling dissent.

What ever happened to civil discussion and debate?

After you read that book – it would be next to impossible to believe what is being peddled everywhere else.

PS – if enough of you can say you’ve read it – or if any of you buy the book and read it in its entirety – I have other important questions. Like “well, if this technology exists – how come they haven’t used it again elsewhere?” So many things unanswered – but still healthy to keep the mind open.

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We received the book for Christmas a few years ago. It’s a fascinating read. You truly cannot argue with science, if you have an open mind.

There are several disturbing takeaways.

How the majority of the world thinks.

And the mystery of who exactly was behind such a tragedy. Automatically believing any narrative is a bad habit to form.

I’m having the same issue trying to have discussions about this with almost everyone. Next to impossible.

Thanks for bringing attention to this. Ballsy to say the least.