Hoboken Drone Videos

Hoboken Drone videos {in 4k – wow!}

Here’s a few Hoboken Drone videos local resident Jonathan Ayala filmed.

Nice, right?

Everyone is droning now!

We were going to jump in on the whole drone bandwagon years ago. In fact, we actually tried before the latest and greatest models came out (we had a Parrot drone which was god awful).

And filming with drones can be quite fun. As a hobby, perhaps.

But now that everyone has easy access to super-HQ drone footage – it’s sort of lost the appeal. The “wow factor” is gone. It won’t be long before every area on earth is attached to multiple drone videos. Then what?

Once everyone starts doing certain things – that is when we search elsewhere for fulfillment.

Still okay to enjoy watching every now and then, though. Just like most things, “moderation” is key. And of course, commercial applications seem to make sense.

But how far will “droning” go?

This is one of the issues that I think many people have. Privacy.

Before easy access to high-resolution cameras in the sky – people typically had reasonable privacy. Like living on a high floor of the W Hotel, or on some multi-acre property surrounded by trees.

The worst you could expect was some creep with powerful binoculars.

Now there a reports daily of people flying these drones outside of apartments all over the world. For what? To look inside.

Not sure how parents would feel if some pedophile was having fun flying one outside their window while their kids are inside.

These things are still not cheap. But still under a grand, and now very high-tech, easy to fly, and super 4k resolution. And no longer limited to professionals with big budgets, and actual objectives.

And of course, the more amateurs that fly these things around, the greater chance of one of these things falling on someone or disrupting a commercial flight. It’s inevitable.

We’ll just have to see how far this envelope gets pushed.

Hoboken Drone Videos - Hoboken Drone Videos

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