Why are people still talking about this sea level rise?

Holy crap – the “great flood” is still on its way it appears. Every month we read some doom and gloom MSM “news” (which already has a lengthy track record of being “fake news“) story peddling the idea of how “sea level rise” will impact the coasts of NJ and NY.

Guaranteed. Without a doubt.

Sort of the way they promised the “next ice age”

Then “global drought?”

Or how “Global Warming” recently became…Climate… change.

sea level and the great hoboken flood

So many contradictions with sea level rise!

But haven’t they been saying that forever? And if this is so CERTAIN, then why build more buildings, or allow people to move near the coast? Shouldn’t everyone be headed towards higher ground? And like TODAY!?

They’ll do anything for a buck these days. And scaring others for money to buy stupid crap like sea walls (200 million dollars? C’mon!)

And what gets me the most is, the obvious proof that the science is NOT settled. Far from it! There is enough evidence to keep this out of the political and media arena and send it back to the science lab where it belongs.

But now policy-makers are speaking towards this subject as if it’s A GIVEN. I see report after report (news organizations, scientific foundations, political bodies) that talk about sea level rise as a fact. When it is not.

My guess is they’re using that infamous psychological “repeat a lie often enough” tactic that used to work very well.

What IS a fact, sadly, is that there are enough “useful idiots” around to keep this asinine subject going so that certain people can profit madly. “Scary! Fear! Solution! Walls! Money!”

Maybe someone reading this 1,000 years from now would get a kick out of how gullible most of our mentally-enslaved morons walking around were.

Will the people of the future be smarter or not? Maybe Mike Judge was onto something with Idiocracy.

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