Happy New Year!

Happy New Year (2017)!

“Hope everyone has a happy new year in 2017!”

There – the obligatory statement.

While true, we get more mystified by the compartmentalization of our lives. Anniversaries in particular. I guess the only thing that might be right is that the calendar dates (month, day) are the same – and you have a chance for similar weather…

Why is “reflection” over an annual period – more pronounced?

Shouldn’t every day – or even every minute or second be an opportunity to reflect, remember, and improve? Or is it easier just to look back once a year, and start anew?

Maybe that’s why people (in their failed attempts at “resolutions”) never seem to get anywhere. Because even with acknowledged failures during the year – their excuse is “it’ll be next year’s resolution.” Promotes procrastination.

Perhaps it’s one of the very few things everyone has in common. Following the same date and time standard. But with all the commercialization of this “thing” we have in common, it isn’t always easy to buck the trend if “everyone else is doing something.”

Well – last night we were otherwise occupied with other stuff – and after realizing it was after midnight – had a brief “hey it’s 2017” moment, and carried on. Having less things pressure you for any reason has been our goal for a while. And it felt fine!

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