Real Human Contact and the Shrinking Attention Span

Real Human Contact and the Shrinking Attention Span
(Thanks to technology!)

Human contact in our opinion – is becoming a forgotten art….

Have any of you observed how eye contact has changed over the past 10 years? Can you pick up on the obvious differences with non-verbal communication?

Have you noticed how many people are incapable of looking at another person in the eye? They get uncomfortable. Eye contact is reduced to (literally) microsecond “looks.”

Failure to “read” anyone… A glance and that is it.

Any (in-person) interaction is judgmental at best.

Most eye contact these days is to “size someone up.” To see if they’re worth anything. To see if they’re “sexy” in some way. To judge their appearance. Hardly ever to read their other forms of communication.

People used to say good day to each other - Real Human Contact and the Shrinking Attention Span

Remember when people used to say “Good Day!” to complete strangers?

Technology can be blamed

People spend more time “looking” at their smartphones than the people and things around them. More often than not it’s to type something meaningless. Or to superficially judge others or compare. Or to be entertained. Or to believe they’re being “informed.” But when it comes to actually “being” with someone else – the connections these days are faint.

You’d be amazed at what you can perceive by being truly observant of another human being. But it requires time, an attention span and many other things – including patience and contemplation. And experience.

But as more and more of “us” (I do not include myself in that) just focus inward – the bulk of society is missing out on one of the most important characteristics of what being a human used to be.

Real connections. Not digital ones.

(Not that anyone refreshing their timeline would understand. Ever.)

Human contact in Hoboken NJ - Real Human Contact and the Shrinking Attention Span

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