In today’s day and age – where all 700-10,000 of your “close friends” (quotes to emphasize sarcasm) know more about every move you make than even your “bestest” of best friends did 20 years ago – isn’t it time for a pause?

By sharing your every move on the spot for all the world to see is like living your life in a fish tank.

There is almost no need to see anyone in person anymore.

You really have nothing left to really talk about. At least things that are interesting.

About all you can talk about is what other people are doing – what “thing” you saw on your timeline – or in rare instances – the one moment in your life you forgot to post on your timeline.

That’s it.

For most people these days, at least.

sharing less experiencing more - SHARING LESS

How to reverse the sharing disease?

We’ve talked about it often here. The best way is cold turkey.

Cut off your social media networks and watch your life begin to return to normality.

All those 700-10,000 “friends” may now be reduced to a dozen or two. Maybe even two or three.

You’ll have time for introspection and reflection. Personal tasks. Your own thoughts – and less “opinions” of others. Less “influence” or “news” tidbits that don’t really matter to anyone!

Imagine doing something that satisfies yourself – and no one but you knows about it? When was the last time you did that?

What makes YOU happy and content should be all that matters, right?

Your Truman Show?

the truman show sharing less - SHARING LESSHow many of you saw that movie The Truman Show?

It was a “spoof” (so to say) about “reality shows” that were big in the 1990’s and 2000’s (even worse now, but from a different angle). Jim Carrey’s “life” was on display 100% of the time. And in the end, it did not last.

But today’s Truman Show is purely voluntary. For the most part. People do things (i.e., post their every movement) online with consent – but they do not realize how they are creating their own “fishbowl” so to say.

The more you put out there, the more public you become.

Heck, even every stupid fucking news site SCOURS people’s “social media” contributions to add to their stupid fucking stories. That is where they get you. Anything “controversial” you’ve said gets thrown back at you if (God forbid) you ever become a news item.

Think about that for a minute. Get yourself out of the social media cesspool – and (even better), away from any potential (and unnecessary) controversy.

Sharing less is definitely more in the long term

I’m blown away how so much of the populous is so connected to their digital devices. Every movement needs validation in some digital way.

Isn’t that disturbing to any of you?

“Hey, I went apple picking! Let me take a shitload of photos and upload to my timeline!”

ME ME ME ME - SHARING LESSWhatever happened to just enjoying the moment?

Do you think that anyone can enjoy anything without “connecting” it to someone or somewhere else anymore?

Holy crap.

I feel bad for people. It’s sad. To not be able to just live without documenting or sharing (in essence, what it is) is odd.

Yes, families took cameras on vacation “back in the day,” but it was for a few moments to have a little “snapshot” of what you did.

Today’s “snapshots” are literally “play by play of our lives.” Which is problematic in many ways.

Memories replaced by photos and videos. And more and more time spent recollecting the past than in the present.

Look at the bright side – we “remember” more! (Really?)

You know what? I’ll give some credit to the technology. Yes, you’re certainly not limited to “I hope the film develops well.” Digital mediums are quite fantastic in some aspects. Like 700 photo capacity. The ability to take as many photos as you want, without “wasting” much of the medium.

That also muddies the water. Often, when you had limited resources – it affected the choices you made. Many missed opportunities to preserve. But more opportunities to DO.

But at the same time – the lack of perfection – and the “odd moments” or bad photos also told more of a story. And in no way was anything “ruined” because of it. Just a shoulder-shrug and move on.

If everyone’s life is now limited to the “creme of the crop” moments – it becomes just like a Hollywood production. Fake.

Those “off” shots had a lot of honesty in them. Truth. Weakness. And so on.

Once everything is perfect and best – you lost sight of what the Ying and Yang meant.

Snap away!

sharing less selfies - SHARING LESS

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Friday, January 13, 2017 7:03 pm

Get out and enjoy life……

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