POLITrix Exhibition

7/19/2008 Update:

Starts today.


Press release from Hoboken artist Roland Ramos for an upcoming event starting this weekend:

POLITrix 2008

The Biggest show we have ever arranged (It goes way past curatorial responsibilities) will have its opening reception on Saturday, July 19th @ 6pm.


The show will run through July 26th, with open gallery dates every evening during the week. Big up to Amy Bauer who co-curated the art for the event.
There is a great cross section of artists, including: Aimee Hertog, Amy Bauer, Andrew Simmons, Ana Laura Rivera, Chris Kappmeier, Daniel Genova, Deborah Pohl, Henry “Quester” Hechevarria, Ivan Petrovski, Jose Ospina (Cifuentes), Lori Merhige, Noelle Williams, Paul JM, Rebecca Molinaro, Roxana Marroquin, Shannon Matlaga, Shonda D. Nicholas, Tim Heins, Vanesa Carranza, Teramoto Yoshitakam, Roland Ramos, Paul JM, Lili Sanchez-Ruiz, and Wendi Gueorguiev, With Special Installations by Matt Fricovsky & Ben Bindra.


(POLITrix, continued)

POLITrix Provides a Political Barometer in 2008

Saturday July 19, 2008 will be the opening night for POLITrix, a week-long, group art show taking place at the Monroe Center for the Arts in Hoboken, NJ. Choosing to converge on Hoboken, 28 artists from Hudson County and beyond have contributed work expressing their views of the current political landscape. This exciting group exhibit will continue through Saturday, July 26th.

Opening festivities are free and will take place in Gallery E200 at 6:00pm. Opening night guests include DJ SAKA, & The Dub-Poet: Infinity. Festivities will continue in Shades Lounge with live entertainment starting @ 10:30pm. Additional events taking place during the week long exhibition at the Monroe Center include:

  • Tuesday July 22nd, 7:30 – 8:30pm Hoboken welcomes the Dixie Land Jazz of Rachel Phillips.
  • Friday July 25th. 7:30pm. “The Red Tape Monologues” Featuring Francesco Paladino, Kris Van Nest, and Some Woman. These three talented actors and activists bring attention to contemporary issues through the creative use of theater. Big up to Richard Kirkwood.

“It’s a charged political climate” says Roland Ramos, head curator of the POLITrix exhibition. “There are so many strong feelings related to this waning administration. In many ways, artists express the sentiments of the world.” Amy Bauer, co-curator for POLITrix says, “We are also providing a valuable outlet for artists”.
POLITrix is a week long art exhibition showcasing the works of a myriad of contemporary artists.

It is important to note that POLITrix will not focus on local politics, but should instead be viewed as a political barometer in this year of election.
The Monroe Center for the Arts is located at 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

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Roland Ramos
Roland Ramos

Monday through Saturday
6pm through 10pm daily.
Friday there will be theater taking place in the Gallery.
I do hope you come!

you can see more details and purchase a $5 ticket @



please let me know the regular exhibition hours in weekday and weekend.


[quote comment=”93983″]
That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.[/quote]

You should probably read more. There are plenty things more ridiculous in the policy proposals put forth by both major party presidential candidates.


[quote comment=”92801″]My guess is that this exhibition will be far to the left of Hoboken, which itself is to the left of the USA.

I could be wrong, of course. I would be happy to be wrong. It would be great if this exhibition really did include Republicans & Libertarians in addition to Democrats, Socialists, and Greens.

Art is supposed to be about expressing a unique perspective. Too often, it is about conformity.[/quote]
That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

Roland Ramos
Roland Ramos

The Gallery show will go on for one week.

It will be open nightly, and Saturday’s opening looks to be a good opp to check out what the artists community feel about the current political climate.

This is the first political show of the season in Hudson County.

The capacity for the room is 259 people, and I am hoping that you will consider coming to the opening and deciding

There are over 25 different opinions expressed in the gallery by 25 different artists.

The exhibition sends a mixed bag of messages; including hope, disdain, appreciation, dread, and pride. The one message it does not send is ambivalence.

There are multiple events tied to this week long exhibition; such as the “Red Tape Monologues”, a collection of politically oriented monologues performed by local actors and activists.