Hoboken Week in Review – 7/13/2008


Another week of high-intensity reader commenting on Hoboken411! Thankfully, Hoboken is never short on stories to tell!

hoboken hoboken411 week in review july 13 2008 - Hoboken Week in Review - 7/13/2008

As usual, here are the Top 10 new, bumped or updated postings this week that had the best, most diverse and hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Hoboken (parking) Royalty
    One reader spots blatant disregard to parking rules by public officials. Some folks think he has nothing better to do, other people say “Down with privileged parking!”
  2. Stick this!
    Hoboken’s resident parking sticker seems to cause your car to fail inspections.
  3. Crappy, Vicarious Shopping
    A Hoboken resident documents the not-so-good expansion of a downtown pharmacy.
  4. Densely packed street festival
    The long-standing St. Ann’s Feast isn’t so festive for residents that live nearby.
  5. Luxurious cookie-cutters
    Debate on the misuse of the word “luxury” when it comes to basic apartments.
  6. Don’t you MOVE that hand!
    Now even standard body movements cause residents massive inconveniences while driving.
  7. Not one homeless person will be in attendance
    Homeless problems usually include alcoholism. Lo behold, a Happy Hour Fundraiser involving mass quantities of alcohol to support the homeless shelter!
  8. Calling all officials!
    One 411 reader documents the State response to emails sent in regards to the horrible condition of the Hoboken government.
  9. Big birthday bash by the water
    Hoboken developer Frank Raia throws yet another (free) big birthday party for himself at Sinatra Park.
  10. We’re watching you!
    Not implicating anything, but one reader notices a City van 20 miles outside of Hoboken, and wonders why.


This week

Summer events continue in Hoboken (you can see them listed on the calender on the bottom of the left sidebar – Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!)

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