Politicians – Folk Heroes?

Can politicians EVER be folk heroes in 2016?

Back in the day – when people physically REVOLTED, caused disruption, and actual (long-term) change for a society of people – they were folk heroes. Some of them even went on to become politicians (i.e., the founding fathers).

But is that possible today?

say what clinton is no folk hero - Politicians - Folk Heroes?Liberal fish-wrap NYT scribbled something a few weeks ago (intended to further indoctrinate the mentally-enslaved morons of our populous) saying something along the lines of “Hillary Clinton is a Folk Hero.”

And take a look at what the (actual) people of America are saying about this broad, her horrible “legacy,” and so on… A very strong difference between what you see on “TeeVee,” that’s for sure.

Keep in mind that the “comments” you read on most websites and even social media (and MSM narrative) are carefully filtered much of the time. Most of the honest feedback from the bulk of citizens in this country hit the cutting room floor. You can bet on it. Only independent sites which do not have draconian censorship (or write freely without “editors” telling them what to say) do you see what real people think and feel.

Again – even The Donald should not be put on a pedestal just yet. Although he does deserve a “mini” pedestal for his epic performance during the election campaign – the big work is still to be seen.

His cabinet picks are suspicious, to say the least. And while we feel that there is some kind of bigger picture thing going on here (that most ordinary people probably cannot decipher) – we still need to be on our toes. The common core broad he appointed is one flag – among many (including the health care person as well).

Some people are saying his moves are subtly brilliant. Along the lines of “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer…” Not sure how relates to him per se (due to his lack of Beltway experience), but perhaps his corporate laps around the block have given him enough of a primer to at least be on track.

folk hero clinton is not

Limited government – limited “power”

Our final thoughts are – that we typically found “politicians” like Ron Paul to have the most sensible messages. Limited government, fix the financial system, and get out of people’s way.

Sadly, Paul didn’t have the savvy or financial power of Trump to make enough of a ripple. However, more liberty-loving people recognize Paul now than when he was more seriously in the running several terms ago. You can thank our “interwebs” for that. For now.

Frankly – no major “change” would ever be realistic – in a short time frame.

All major paradigm shifts take many years to be effective. Several decades sometimes.

And most often – they take place in the school systems and entertainment megaplexes first. That explains how an entire generation of block-headed millennials who think “googling expertise” makes them intelligent. Thank the tech sector and educational system for that (as well as the lackadaisical parents as well). We’re being “entertained and distracted to death.”

But there are still a significant number of people who are not asleep at the wheel. Including (some) parents.

So there is a chance that the “rebellion” can get stronger and more unified. It takes time, patience, and effort. And preferrably strong organization and careful planning.

But as far as we see – there is a remote possibility that America has some life left in it still. How long? Your guess is as good as mine.


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HRC is a folk hero to those who hate, and believe they are at war with, that large segment of American society who are suspicious of or hostile to their agenda — namely non-elite and non Victim-Americans. These are people who stood to lose the most from the globalist/ plutocrat population replacement program. Mexican hyper billionaire Carlos Slim owns a big piece of the NY Times – no wonder they report things the way they do.

Note that this pro HRC hate crew has a large overlap with the people who call Trump “literally Hitler”. Oh the irony. Oh the projection!