Online grocery ordering in Hoboken


How many of you order your groceries online?


Much to the joy of many “busy” professionals (or plain ‘ole lazy folks) it seems as if you have more choices than ever. But are there any good options out there?

A&P Supermarket was the latest local grocery store to join the online marketplace. Other options include ShopRite, Fresh Direct, and even another newcomer, (via the mini-bodega on 11th and Park, where along with ultra-basic necessities, you can get cigarettes and egg sandwiches.

I experimented with A&P and didn’t find the interface all that good, plus I didn’t see any liquor choices.

I’ve always heard mixed reviews about online grocery shopping, from being too expensive, shoddy delivery, missing items and more.


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I obtain fresh fruits and veggies at various small shoppes near my house and on Washington. But, when I need a month or two’s supply of frozen, cans, or boxed stuff – order online and please carry it up the stairs for me. If you purchase enough, then Shoprite’s delivery fee becomes minor compared to the rest of the 1.75 meter receipt.


I’m guilty. I use it almost every weekend to do a weeks food order.
Shopping with two preschoolers is almost impossible.
Having the ability to do it all online and from home is SO much easier for us.
Sure they’ve gotten it wrong a few times (Chunk light tuna rather than chunk white tuna) but nothing so wretched that I’d turn away from using them.