Kellogg’s makes you stupid?

Oh jeez. Kellogg’s stupid controversy. {Crap food causes retardation?}

Upon first glance of this recent “controversial” news topic of how Kellogg’s brand cereal pulled their ads from the Breitbart website – I thought, “Oh these types of stories – they happen all the time.”

From boycotts on one side – to people vowing to support them even more on the other. Stupidity ensues.

I initially didn’t care – but I was researching something else – and I ended up on fakebook (very rare for us these days), and saw something disturbing. Almost all the “search results” for this moronic story – brought up nearly 95% pro-Kellogg’s commentary on that liberal social media cesspool. (More proof that if you had a sense of self-worth, you’d delete Facebook.)

Kelloggs Controversy - Kellogg's makes you stupid?

But the mentally-enslaved liberal morons on fakebook were exclaiming dopey things like:

▼ That they’re going to buy double and triple the Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops now, or…

▼ Saying stuff like “How dare you throw perfectly good food out when there are starving people everywhere!” or that..

▼ By dissing one media site, the company (Kellogg’s) is “patriotic.” Really?

Is this what America has become? A bunch of totally indoctrinated buffoons?

Why you SHOULD NEVER purchase Kellogg’s Krap

No reasonably intelligent adult should ever purchase these types of products (from Kellogg’s or any other brand for that matter).

Simply because most breakfast cereals are PACKED with blood-sugar-raising carbohydrates. Even more so with Kellogg’s super-sugary bowls of addictive poison.

Not to mention the GMO’s and pesticides!

And the icing on the cake are the child-labor law violations and employees pissing into the very cereal you shovel down your gullets. Warms your soul, doesn’t it?

Still going to support Kellogg’s? Yeah? Because it makes you “feel good?”

Any parents that feed their children this crap should be arrested and put on trial for attempted murder.


Here’s a great video commentary from Mark Dice. He needs more subscribers.

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We have friends on both sides of the fence. And we can see the difference between the children they have. Kids on Walmart food products are beyond hyper and uncontrollable.

The kids on a more natural diet are well-behaved.

Not much of a sample size, and could be genetics.

We’ll do the natural thing.