25% OFF! {But not really…}

Bullshit 25% off “discount” LIES

You know how they talk about FAKE NEWS – and other manufactured nonsense? All while the “news” that is peddled by the “ministry of disinformation” (i.e., the “mainstream media”) has already been exhaustively documented as frequently fake?

Here’s one of the more popular (and light-hearted) video compilations:

Retail mumbo jumbo

Well – that EPIDEMIC has now hit retail shopping outlets as well.

Two recent cases in point:

JET.COM has been dishing out “coupons” offering customers (blind mice) big-ass discounts. In big, bold print. Such as 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER!

However – when you read the fine print – the “maximum discount” is $30 fucking dollars. Which means that each dollar over $150 you spend, your realized “discount” just keeps going down.

GROUPON.COM also offered a similar discount as of late as well. “25% OFF” (insert name of crap you don’t need here). Again, the “maximum discount” was also a piddly $30 (meaning about $120 and your discount ends).

jet bait and switch coupons - 25% OFF! {But not really...}

Why this trend sucks

For one, it sucks because the first few times we were suckered into thinking we “might” get a good deal finally (like buying a new laptop or more expensive item over $1000), we realize it was a BAIT AND SWITCH.

“Too good to be true” is another way of looking at it.

Many folks are probably psychologically tricked into not wanting to “miss out” (related to the FOMO phenomenon), where they will buy something, anything, just to get that stupid deal.

That is where these tricksters win.

DO NOT FALL VICTIM to this “urgent” discount.

Sure, you might buy things you regularly use (i.e., pet food, etc.) – but better off just buying things as you need them – unless you have a massive apartment with ample storage space.

We need to end this crappy limited discount bullshit today. The most important step is to NOT fall into their emotional trap. NEVER.

(Keep in mind that a little internet sleuthing will probably find you equal or better buys elsewhere).

Stay vigilant and avoid these traps.

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