Gridlock on Jackson Street

Jackson Street Gridlock in Hoboken

Hoboken “mayor” don Zimmer and her progressive mentality cannot comprehend why “pie in the sky” ideas hardly translate into “real world results.” The daily Jackson Street Gridlock is just one of hundreds of examples throughout town.

They first wanted to make frickin’ “safe spaces” for the sissy bicyclists in town (which in turn created a traffic bottleneck on Jackson Street (and hazardous conditions on Newark Street). The traffic light was supposed to “control” the eager drivers.

Well not so. That bottleneck still exists – and the traffic light makes drivers even MORE anxious. They have mere slivers of opportunity to “get their chance” to make the turn, and as a result – drivers BLOCK the BOX every single day. At ALL HOURS of the day, too. Not just at rush hour.

About the only time traffic in the SW part of town flows with a modicum of sanity – is when traffic cops are presentnegating all that infrastructure and road paint to begin with.

To end the gridlock, get rid of the bike lanes.

jackson street gridlock hoboken NJ - Gridlock on Jackson Street

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