Tech gifts – What is wrong with them these days?

What is wrong with tech gifts? {a lot}

MANY (if not most) people will be giving and receiving tech gifts this Christmas season. And what is wrong with tech gifts you ask?

A lot.

Tech gifts are soulless gifts

99.9% of tech gifts will have an extremely limited lifespan.

Long forgotten when the “next best thing” comes along to quickly replace them.



Sure, they serve a short-term purpose in some instances, which is fine on paper. But in the long-term, they are just consumable products – which are probably better to be acquired by the person who will be using it. Akin to buying toilet paper for someone.

tech gifts of christmas past - Tech gifts - What is wrong with them these days?

Adult gift-giving is just another cog in the consumerism machine

We’ve said this in the past. Christmas gift-giving should probably be limited to children – who do not have the wherewithal to purchase things on their own most of the time.

Something home-made would be great. Or things that promote learning. Tech gifts for kids are not recommended. Even if some say they help kids. They don’t. They only turn kids brains into mud. Reliant on technology down the line.

As far as us adults – the whole thing is a bit of a racket.

Do we need to shower each other with material belongings to “prove” our appreciation or love?

Being a good friend or family member goes WAY beyond what “things” we can shove off.

Loyalty, friendship, bonding, and shared experiences are more important in our opinion.

Being there for one another when it counts is a “gift” that can never be purchased. Having allies during dark times, or support when things get rough are priceless. And the best way to “repay” those incredible moments is to be just as good a person. No “token” is required.

And the best thing is – that it keeps money in our pockets to be used for more practical things.

That said, enjoy your holiday sales!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016 2:27 pm

All for not exchanging gifts. It has run it’s course.

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