Alex Morales Art Gallery

Alex Morales Art Gallery – 365 First Street, Hoboken, NJ

Opening up recently at 365 First Street (former home of the flooded-out t-shirt shop Soild Threads) is the Alex Morales Art Gallery.

alex morales art hoboken NJ - Alex Morales Art Gallery

Art as a commitment to life. Art as a love that hurts and burns. Art as an engine of the body and the spirit. Art, essential as air, vital as water. Art, passport to the dreams. This is what art means to Alex Morales. Versatile and committed creator, this artist born in San Jose de Mayo (Uruguay) belongs to the lineage of Uruguayan painters who adorned the contemporary Latin American art with his boundless creativity applied to various techniques both in two and three dimensions, creating his own and personal style. With a career spanning more than thirty years, which he has mainly developed in his native country and the United States, Alex masters all art mediums, creating portraits using pencil, oil and acrylic paint, mosaics and sculpture, producing artworks full of vivid realism and expressive intensity. Considered one of the most versatile national artists of all times, Alex Morales also stands out as a large scale painter. In this area, he is a traditional artist and works without using technology resources when he produces his artwork yielding remarkable results in large scale painting and sculpture.

First Street Art Renaissance?

With Ricardo Roig’s awesome art gallery just up the road – maybe First Street can become a little bit of an “Art Row” in Hoboken?

Some may say that original art is an expensive endeavor to get into, while others emphasize the importance of art throughout society as a whole. Without it – we’d be much worse off.

Perhaps a few more street-level art galleries can sprout up to give visibility to the great art scene in Hoboken (and out of the shadows of places like the Neumann Building and the Monroe Center.)

alex morales art gallery hoboken NJ 365 First Street - Alex Morales Art Gallery

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