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Amazon still crushes to a pulp.

Here are some random examples.

For homeowners:
Ecobee Thermostat. has it for $268.97. A few pennies less for buying it with debit card, or refusing returns.

Amazon has it for $248.99 – almost 20 bucks less and no gimmicks.

jet amazon ecobee price comparison - follow up

For parents:
7th Generation Diapers.

Holy crap never bought diapers before – but shopping on Jet is a cluster f*ck. So inconsistent.

So let’s say you need a size 5 diaper. 7th Generation. They only offered single packs of 23 diapers for $13.86. $0.60 each time you need to change one.

Amazon has “subscribe and save” options 115 diapers for $38.66. Or only $0.34 per diaper. Buying the same number at would cost you close to $70 bucks. Almost DOUBLE!

jet amazon diaper price comparison - follow up

Basic supplies:
Bounty Paper Towels. We’ve talked about the paper towel racked in the past. Confusing on purpose. Always check the SQUARE FEET and do the math yourself. 99% of the people are conned.

Anyway, this was the closest “apples to apples” I could find between the two. sells the “12=18” rolls (“select-a-size” 513 sq. ft.) for around $30.55. $0.06 per sq. ft.

Amazon sells the “12=18” rolls (full size sheets 560 sq. ft) for about $26. $0.46 per sq. ft. 20% less than Jet.

Best bet? Buy paper towels from Wegmans. $13 for 700 sq. ft. $0.19 per sq. ft. 60% less than Amazon.

jet amazon paper towel price comparison - follow up is garbage for the most part

Everything else like tech – not going to bother. Such a moving target with models constantly changing and sales everywhere make that a tough thing to nail down. also has also teamed up with the garbage retailers out there (specifically Walmart). This brings garbage options as well.

Their “save more as you shop” model is crap. Usually pennies. A big difference from when they first started. They offer nothing now.

Cart to cart comparisons between Jet and Amazon ALWAYS have Amazon winning by a large margin – with no gimmicks. Just lower prices by far.

No helpful reviews either – as well as no “marketplace” where you can often find things even cheaper either from 3rd parties, or even used merchandise (great for tech and movies, by the way).

Who would shop

My guess is that anyone that still uses Jet is just ignorant. Not educated shoppers. They somehow bought the “hype” that they offered when they announced their “club membership” which has long been abandoned.

Can anyone tell me how they plan on surviving other than disrupting the market (via seed money and Walmart cash)?

None of their acquisitions have shown a benefit to CONSUMERS. Only the principal players and investors (maybe).

To me – this whole progression completely lacks logic. Yet they keep forging ahead. Are they poisoning the beverages in the meeting rooms? None of it makes sense to me.

They’re building quite a big business enterprise in a very short time frame. With no proven success – and no benefits to end-users.

Tell me how this makes sense. And how they expect to sustain repeat customers.

Also think about Amazon alternatives

While Amazon is the biggest (and frankly the best) place to buy almost anything these days – they pretty much have a monopoly.

And now with their “affiliation” with certain “news” sites – it might be time to abandon them as well.

But it’s hard to do – and requires a lot of effort – especially if you do most of your shopping online.

Sadly, Amazon has the best customer service, return policy, shipping speeds, and prices. And doing the bulk of your shopping from one place also keeps things simple (shopping history, etc.)

I know we can, for instance – do without the rapid ship times. So that will help ease the transition as we seek alternatives.

Maybe the best thing is to re-think EVERYTHING you purchase – and ask yourself if you even need it at all.

almost no reason to shop jet - follow up

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Thursday, December 8, 2016 11:36 pm

I wanted to like Jet. But they appear to always be in beta mode. The experience feels incomplete, and they have back peddled with their low price promises. I agree that it makes no sense how they have staying power and even investors still. Where is this going? Late to the game and brought no noteworthy improvements to ecommerce. Something is not right with this at all. Maybe they’re positioning themselves in case of a major Amazon backlash?

Thursday, December 8, 2016 7:56 pm

Might I ad the flim flam aspect is a perfect marriage w the administration of Hoboken?

Thursday, December 8, 2016 7:54 pm

Yep! a model that relies on crazy wall st investors and manipulating markets. No real value. And definitely no innovation. Shoppers need to wise up on the significance to the economy of where they place there spending dollars. I like to shop small business , in the community where possible and use cash.

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