Digital Free Spaces

Digital Free Spaces {opposite of safe spaces}

Was thinking about the “safe spaces” that a lot of wussified snowflakes actually need these days. The bottom line is that this whole thing is a textbook example of pathetic. Here’s something that’s more beneficial: Digital Free Spaces.

Everywhere I go. Walking around Hoboken, or traveling around the country. Every person has their cell “brick” in their hands as if it’s delivering oxygen to their body – and they would DIE if they let go. What the fuck?

digital free spaces instead of constant cell phone use - Digital Free Spaces

Our self-imposed guidelines:

  • No cell in the bedroom. Get an alarm clock and a notepad if you need reminders.
  • No cell or tablet “lying around” every room. Especially the kitchen. Or kitchen is free from almost everything that can be considered “propaganda” in any way. Also consumerism. Most catalogs received via postal mail are discarded the same day. Our kitchen is for creating great food, making essential coffee, and having a view of the world and being free from external influences.
  • No checking cell while driving. Most times it’s either off or muted. 99% of “iPavlov’s Dogs” out there check their phone each time it beeps or dings. Bad for their health – and bad for YOURS as well. I’m gonna make signs like this to hold up when I drive past an iDiot checking their stupid fucking timeline: “PULL OVER YOU HAVE A FLAT TIRE!”

There are others (like single rooms for internet use) – but this is a good start for most of you.

Being digital free most of the time is a wonderful feeling. Not needing it – or feeling anxious without it is what everyone should strive for.

And in case you’re one of those people who think it’s no big deal, or you “hardly check it” – try leaving your house every day for a week without it. You’ll understand.

digital free spaces - Digital Free Spaces

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