A long-term carb story {and more}

A long-term carb story {a true carbohydrate perspective}

We’ve been in the “low carb” mindset here at Hoboken411 for just about five years.

Extensive reading (and re-reading), along with experimentation (and failure), and careful observation of societal trends – it’s time to do a bullet-point check-in as to what our current thoughts are at the end of 2016.

low carb living - A long-term carb story {and more}

So what is happening with the low carb thing five years later?

After five years – eating meals is not difficult.
I recall the first Thanksgiving Dinner we had after going “all in” to the low-carb lifestyle. Fresh baked rolls, scrumptious stuffing, even stuff like corn and sweet potatoes we avoided. Very strict back in the day. In comparison – this past Thanksgiving (2016), it didn’t feel like such an ordeal. We ate the meat and veggies and generally avoided (most) of the high-density carb stuff. A forkful or two of rice, sure. A bite of one thing or another is fine – as long as you don’t SHOVEL. (However, desserts should still be avoided – even those fluffy cream puffs…)

Gluten-Free is your enemy
Anyone with a halfway decent brain will realize that “Gluten-Free” is a Trojan Horse. Yes, it lacks the dreadful wheat gluten. Which is bad in its own right. But Gluten-Free products may actually be LESS healthy in general. More often than not, more carb-dense per ounce than almost anything. Gluten-Free is DREADFUL and will probably cause a rise in Diabetes, even among so-called “healthy” people. Avoid at all cost if you can!

Re-read Wheat Belly
You gotta read Wheat Belly – and all the other associated books that came out afterward (including cookbooks!) Have to stay on track!

Eating out is still not easy
We hardly eat out at all anymore. Cooking at home reigns supreme (for multiple reasons). However, sometimes we find ourselves far away from home – and in need of a pit stop. (Mental note to self – start bringing a cooler of “backup food” on all family trips in the future…) Sometimes we’re even famished. And being really hungry after an 8-hour day on the road can lead to bad decisions – even if you have all the mental tools. Like this pile of “Buffalo Chicken Nachos” we consumed while visiting another state a few weeks ago. Hardly any wheat – but suck me sideways I felt like crap for at least one day afterward. No net benefit at all. They weren’t even good.

buffalo chicken nachos a terrible idea - A long-term carb story {and more}

Low-carb is good – but you WILL plateau
Eating low-carb is always good. But you’ll hit a bottom limit that you’re not satisfied with, even with a low or very moderate amount of carbs. In order to shed that next 10-15 lbs., you MUST go into ULTRA low-carb mode. A 5% reduction in two weeks, 10% in a month is achievable. Which is why….

Nutritional Ketosis is still the goal
Individual results vary – but in order to turn into a fat-melting machine – most people have to enter an extended state of Nutritional Ketosis (NK). Which is bare-minimum carb consumption; Not even a bite or two of anything that is carb-rich. And you have to stay on your game for an extended, consecutive period in order to realize the results. 2-4 weeks is generally recommended if you’ve strayed off course.

Alcohol – not as bad as they say
In general – we’ve come to the conclusion that alcohol (on its own), is probably not the big, bad “weight-gainer” as they say. If anything – it’s the moronic drunk eating that does the most harm. Modest drinking has not caused us to gain weight. Just avoid sugary mixers. Sure, it’s possible it can hamper weight loss, which is why if you’re going into a serious NK phase – it’s probably wise to follow some kind of system (like the Six One drinking program we mentioned earlier this year).

The Low-carb movement is being squelched (why?)
Five years ago – you were on your own at any random supermarket. Today? Almost ALL supermarkets have dedicated aisle (or aisles) for “gluten-fucking-free.” Even HEALTH FOOD STORES primarly do NOT have “low carb” sections. WTF? Going low-carb is your BEST BET at pretty much PREVENTING a majority of shitty diseases and ailments that exist out there. I would be willing to bet that it’s a conspiracy orchestracted by BigAg, BigPharma, and other large-scale enterprises. Healthy people = less money for a LOT of companies. And we can probably add schmucks like Bill Gates (who talk about “de-population”) to the list as well. Keeping folks unhealthy (with shorter lives) while they maximize the profits for others is a big business in our opinion.

Low-carb is the way to go. Period.

In the end – it’s fair to say we’re “set for life” on the low-carb mindset. The pain and discomfort that comes from heavy carbohydrate consumption is not a fantasy. It is a reality. And that factor alone has helped us stay on course.

There are products (like the recently reviewed Thin Slim Foods breads) that have allowed us to “enjoy” the texture of bread without the penalty. And I’m happy to report that it hasn’t become the “gateway food” for the worse. And moderation has still played a role.

It is nice – after having that “wake up” moment of what was causing our woes (as well as 10’s of millions of others), has not faded away. We’re still VERY AWARE of what we eat – and have tried to stay on track.

Yes, living with a gluten-free person caused us to let our guard down for a while (God, Jalapeno potato chips and popcorn is the work of the Devil), but we have not stopped being aware.

Each “victory” at the supermarket (by walking away from temptation) still satisfies us. Even armed with great information – the gravitational pull of bad foods never ceases.

Maybe one day in the near future those feelings will fade away to a faint whisper with no effect. But until then, we remain vigilant.

Good luck with your resolutions next year!

(We’ll leave you with this handy chart detailing the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle below).

benefits of a low carb lifestyle - A long-term carb story {and more}

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Thursday, December 15, 2016 3:48 pm

I would add these to your list of benefits, based on my experience: eliminating or reducing asthma and rarely catching colds (even when surrouned by coughing hacking spouses and coworkers). I’ve had maybe 1 serious cold in the past 10 years, and that one only lasted 2 or 3 days.

Also, based on my experience (15 years LC), I’d say reducing carbs isnt the key to getting past that plateau. For me, that simply doesnt work. What does seem to work, when I can do it, is reducing the amount of protein, slightly upping the carbs and in general, eating less. Combined doing a sort of light intermittan fasting – I never eat breakfast. Just a big ass lunch and small dinner. When I stick to that, the number on the scale starts dropping.

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