Zimmerteering, Racketeering, Electioneering

Zimmerteering, Racketeering, Electioneering
{What difference, at this point, does it make?}

Some Thanksgiving week “political stuffing” for you here today!

It is fully known that “mayor” don Zimmer doesn’t really give a crap about the nefarious actions of herself, her “husband” as well as the other crony puppets they surround themselves with.

Here are a few side-dishes for you to talk about at dinner tomorrow!

City resources used for promoting Board of Education candidates

It appears that the City’s phones and possibly the City’s reverse 911 system were used for electioneering. That is a huge violation – regardless of what Zim-Zim’s “excuse” was. Politicians love acting first and sheepishly “apologizing” later. “Whoops!” should be on all their campaign promises.

And our lowly school rankings go hand in hand with asking why Zim endorses a school board using taxpayer money and city resources. Look at the results!

The Zimmer-endorsed Board of Eduction has kept Hoboken High School at the bottom of the test scores for the past seven years since they’ve had the majority.

Ranked #332 out of #371 total schools? How is that a passing grade?

What a good case for getting rid of this status quo majority! Way to go! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other shady things going on…

Judge clears Racketeering Case against Zim-Bard

For years, Zimmer supporters were laughing out loud about the “racketeering” (political bullying) case Carmelo Garcia brought against don and her “husband,” saying it would be tossed.

As you know, the Hoboken Housing Authority and City Hall are under don’s “control.”

Well, the Judge denied their motions to dismiss because there’s enough evidence to go to trial. Video and court documents below.

A healthy dinner tomorrow or not – I’m predicting agita for some people one way or another!

don is probably thinking it does not make a difference

Just like Crooked Hillary – the “mayor” probably thinks she’s above everyone else. And that her actions have no consequences.

Reminds me of this video from a few weeks ago.

Still one of my favorite election videos of all time!

hoboken zimmer racketeering electioneering fraud - Zimmerteering, Racketeering, Electioneering

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