Cal’s Christmas Trees 2016

Cal’s Christmas Trees in Hoboken, NJ (2016)

Well – now that Thanksgiving is over – it’s time to gear up for CHRISTMAS! And no better place in Hoboken, NJ for your Xmas Trees, wreaths and other holiday adornments than Cal’s Christmas Trees.

Cals Christmas Trees Hoboken NJ 2016 6 - Cal's Christmas Trees 2016

Located in the SW part of town at the corner of Monroe and Observer – Cal’s Christmas Trees is one of the best, quickest, easiest, and most affordable places in town to get your Xmas going. Easy access (parking) and two entrances. This is our favorite place to get trees year in and year out.

We love getting our tree set up the day after Thanksgiving – and we’ll be all set before sundown tonight!

Cals Christmas Trees Hoboken NJ 2016 7 - Cal's Christmas Trees 2016

Stop in to say hi to Cal, and his trusty cohorts Devon and John – as they will be glad to help you pick the perfect tree (or wreath) for you lovely commode.

God bless these hard-working guys for their efforts in continuing to provide Hoboken with a great outlet (besides big box stores like Home Depot) to get lovely trees to celebrate the holiday season.

Cals Christmas Trees now open in Hoboken NJ - Cal's Christmas Trees 2016

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 9:27 pm

Go to Cal’s. They’re the best in town.

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