The 4th Turning {lots of wild cards!}

Fear Porn: The 4th Turning

Lots of wild cards in the doom talk about the inevitable “4th Turning” that some modern day historians and alternative media people are talking about. While fantastic writers (and researchers) like have put forth extremely compelling cases that the 4th Turning is GUARANTEED – Can “you can bank on it” (like that phrase has lost it’s meaning since banks are now as fragile as a porcelain egg).

Previous 4th Turnings did not have NEARLY the technology OR awareness that today’s society has.

How do you think those “new ingredients” play into the old model of 4th Turnings?

It’s all in the cards. Or what you think are the cards…

The government (and big business) do hold good cards, such as:

  • the power grid
  • the communication networks

Assuming “TPTB” probably has a (fully functional) secondary network OUTSIDE of the reach of the “lemmings” in the rest of society – they hold a distinct advantage.

Where they DO NOT hold an advantage is in the power of NUMBERS. “WE” outnumber “THEM” at least 1000 to 1. In physical bodies, at least.

They do have the advantage again when it comes to WEAPONRY. And I’m sure you know what that means. Remote drones, satellite shit, who the heck knows. However, that all depends on the willingness of ordinary humans (albeit heavily indoctrinated) in the military.

Sure, we take more losses – but have a nearly unlimited base compared to them.

It should be noted that they’ve been purposely dumbing-down the “populous” over the past few generations (hello lazy millennials) – and despite the “freedom fighters” that are said to exist out there – it’s certainly a dwindling number. Most likely less than half. More realistically less than 10%. Still at least 25 million people willing to fight.

How organized and efficient is an entirely different story. Especially without technology or power.

However, just like in Vietnam – technology and power do not always have and advantage against those truly willing to fight for their lives. Survival is a BEAST compared to just “winning” for whatever reason some “leader” above you tells you so. The heart is where the fight lies.

History is one thing. But unwritten history is another.

we-all-have-a-bright-futureHistorical evidence is real. Much of it is compelling and scary. Maybe you ought to scale it back a bit and calm the fuck down. Some people think it will “pass, no big deal.” And they might be onto something?

The modern times here have empowered LARGE numbers of people. Not enough in my opinion, but a sufficient amount to change the playing field to a degree.

It would take a large bunch of indoctrinated psychopaths to destroy the world we live in today. An insane number of them, in my opinion.

Yes – “TPTB” are running scared. Cashing out in many instances. But people are greedy. Over-anxious in some circumstances.

But how “well oiled” is the “machine” that runs this world, really? Maybe they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing either. Not every step is so well planned out. Just ask Hillary Clinton and the MSM how that turned out. It’s clear they aren’t that competent either.

However, it’s true that the fabric that holds (this) society together (the fiat money system) DOES have an endpoint – aren’t we already seeing emerging alternatives (i.e., BitCoin) get attention BEFORE the big, bad, 4th Turning? Doesn’t that give you some hope? See James Corbett’s post about the revolution that is happening right beneath your noses.

Perhaps society – in conjunction with our super-fast-moving technology – has finally figured out we can TRUMP the next “4th Turning” before it has a chance to succumb us all?

Don’t you see the difference between today – and all the other 4th Turnings? Will our (mostly detrimental)(slave-inducing) technology prove to be a savior? Or is that wishful thinking?

Perhaps the future is not as depressing as people are being led to believe. Yeah, every society has hiccups. Maybe we can just “burp” this one out and forge ahead.

Thanks for listening. Just my viewpoint of the world.

4th turning

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