Name-calling: Snowflakes, Millennials and their “Safe Spaces…”

Should the name-calling stop? Or is it a necessary evil?

One of the many theories as to why society is “erupting” as of late has to do with name calling. Or better yet “labels” people assign to a group of others.

The more I think of it – those labels could very well be just as bad as other racist or sexist “slurs” that everyone bitches about. (Oh wait, is “bitching” a derogatory term?)

It seems as if people are just hurling insults and “bad names and sayings” at one another.

snowflake millennials - Name-calling: Snowflakes, Millennials and their "Safe Spaces..."The level-headed and intelligent are calling the entitled slackers “snowflakes” and other much worse terms.

While those very snowflakes are shouting bullshit like “1%” and “white privilege.”

Everyone (except the level-headed) are just tossing these buzz-phrases around – WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING JACK SHIT.

They’re caught up in a virtual MEME of their own lives.

They swipe and tap on their cell phones, and quickly become indoctrinated into some kind of mindset that robotically overcomes them. Fucking sick!

Maybe it’s the public water supply. Perhaps Starbucks has something to do with it. Or even the Gluten-Free phenomenon has a role. Something or a little bit of everything HAS to be contributing somehow!

How does this happen?

Well – we sort of have a clue (it’s partially the “educational system” that has corrupted the minds of what could have been productive, contributing members of society… but that’s a story for another day).

We also have to give credit to the social media platform(s) that allow completely retarded (NPC) ideas to flourish.

FYI – I just started a new “trigger” feature on Hoboken411. Each time I say something that will knowingly offend more people than it should, I’ll add the (NPC) tag after the word or phrase. NPC stands for “Not Politically Correct.” After much debate with our editorial team that was chosen over the clunkier “NPCAUFSAWDKSAN” – which stands for “Not politically correct…” you can guess the rest.

Im with the deplorables - Name-calling: Snowflakes, Millennials and their "Safe Spaces..."

Is there a better way than labeling and name-calling?

You see – in all seriousness – this high-tempered debate between “factions” (if you even want to call them that) is a bit over the top.

Maybe out of necessity – maybe unnecessary.

But we lean towards “out of necessity.”

Because the fact that sensible, calm, rational, debates are a forgotten memory – society has had to resort to “quick hits” that can fit into a 140-character e-blast deep within some stupid social media cesspool.

Long, drawn-out articles have a diminishing reader base these days. If you don’t have a funny character along with a few bolded, drop-shadowed words of text – you are a fucking dinosaur that will collect cobwebs in a matter of seconds.

thoughts are dead - Name-calling: Snowflakes, Millennials and their "Safe Spaces..."

Critical thought? Pensive contemplation? RIP 25 years ago.

The “new gang” is trying to replace sensibility and careful words and thought with “rapid fire” haha’s and “gotcha goods!” without much effort. And they think it’s working.

But it’s not.

Case in point: Presidential Election 2016.

And many more to come.

Plus – normally dip-shit-headed performers like Kanye West seem to be getting it as well. Even though his audience probably had ZERO clue – some ripples are making their way around.

The office pool here says that the rapper Kanye West will either be dead or brain-damaged before the cork pops on New Year’s Eve. But that may just be Brittney Spears channeling in through our WiFi network. Sorry about that.

So is there a way to find common ground?

With all the mud-slinging between various (indoctrinated in different ways) groups – how does one find a way to connect the olive branch?

olive branch - Name-calling: Snowflakes, Millennials and their "Safe Spaces..."Or is it next to impossible in 2016?

Does it take an epic disaster where everyone is “reset” to just surviving? (scratch that – the millennials wouldn’t last long without tech or TV)

I know for a fact – there are key people in each clearly separate (indoctrinated) group that DO see the writing on the wall. They are objective thinkers. They understand what is around them. And how to spot the clues and differences.

Never is one body of people 100% aligned. I know many millennials who are not “millennial” by definition whatsoever. Why they have such little impact on their peers is concerning.

Who the big impactors are should be where we all look.

But It’d be nice if the clear-minded folks from each societal faction could get together and strategize on how to bridge the gap – and Make America Great Again.

It always starts with us. Gotta start somewhere!

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