Back to work – or an extra day off?

Back to work? Or did you get an extra day off?

Christmas on a Sunday was always the least favorite of ours.

You hear that? Least favorite is the politically correct way of saying “I hate when Christmas falls on Sunday.”

Almost every company I had worked for “back in the day” always loved those years. They figured out a way to weasel us out of one less day off.

They too, hated when the holiday fell on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday as well. Because that typically meant at least two days off. Sometimes even three.

If we had a company with a multitude of “workers,” I’d probably call for a corporate minimum of the (work) day before and the day after. And when Xmas falls on a Wednesday – heck, take the entire week off.

But in 2016 – “Work” is different

I have to say – as we’ve been out of the so-called traditional “workforce” for well over a decade, I’ve seen a paradigm shift. In favor of the employee.

Many workers (especially in tech companies) are pretty much demanding all sorts of workplace perks. Like random hours. Bringing pets to work. Ridiculous casual attire. Sleeping onsite. Free food. I could go on.

The sad thing is that many (if not most) new corporations are pandering to these needy employees. They somehow think “happy” workplace equals better productivity.

Maybe that is true in some instances. If you can (mentally) connive your workers into believing something that is oddly off-base, sure – let’s do it! Or perhaps that’s how they get away with keeping actual salaries lower? Who knows.

It’s odd how mindsets change so quickly within generations like that.

back to work after Christmas - Back to work - or an extra day off?

Not all work

Many jobs still require physical presence and manual labor. Does anyone know how these pansy work perks have infiltrated those fields?

I’m sure places like Starbucks have done it. But I bet traditional jobs like cleaning ladies, construction work, and kitchen jobs haven’t been infected. Wait, don’t most illegals have those types of jobs? I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Whatever. If you have today off – enjoy!

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