Political Divide

Is political divide worse than ever?

Do you see how “nutty” the political divide in this country is getting? Like how people were “uninvited” to Thanksgiving dinner? Over which “team” you wanted?

What is causing this ultra “tribe mentality?” Why today – and much worse than years ago?

What exact tricks are the media establishments using to stir up those emotions to the point of irrational behavior?

Or is everything just getting unnecessarily “amplified” without just cause?

Maybe people just lost the ability to think and contemplate before reacting.


Not all media – but mainly social media and “mainstream” media

Or I should say the “mainstream” media and the social media that propagates the message. I mean haven’t you had enough of the fakebooks and twatters of the world trying to manipulate what you see?

The lightning-quick “narrative,” combined with the overall short attention-span of the mentally-enslaved public – has quickly reshaped America from a nation of thinkers – into a country of over-reacting lemmings and sheep.

Imagine if the country (today) tried writing a Constitution or devising an election system like the Electoral College? What a cluster-f*ck that would be. A total mess.

Seriously – I have hope that the “mainstream” media is on an irreversible course out of here. Naturally – you have to watch who eventually steps in to take their places.

But just the way many things have become fragmented over time – it’s possible that with so many individual connections throughout the world – the centralized model might be in trouble. Heck, it seems like it already is. Just watch out for the new internet gatekeepers!

It’ll be a rough ride while the status quo tries to hang on during (the almost inevitable) 4th Turning.

(PS – those who are starting to see the cracks in their current social media networks – should dig around places like Gab.ai and Seen.life – maybe there’s something better for you over there. Or just none at all might be the best idea?)

political divide

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