DIY Practical Christmas Gifts

The best: DIY Practical Christmas Gifts

Most of our practical Christmas Gifts posts this week were things you can buy. Ready to go, and ready to gift. Just “wrap and roll!”

But we feel some of the best gifts you can give to anyone are things you built or made yourself.

Something about putting the time (other than driving to the store or clicking a few buttons) and especially the effort into creating something that didn’t exist before has more meaning.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A gift certificate for home-baked goods. Could be anything. Cakes, dinners, soups. You name it. A “certificate” for one home-made meal or dish a month is a fun way to spread joy in someone’s life. Especially if they’re not good at cooking!
  • A babysitting voucher. If any of your friends or family have young kids at home – free time is a valuable commodity. And while babysitters are a dime a dozen these days – they do cost money. Plus you get to raid their fridge when the couple is out! Win-win!
  • Build something. Anything! Thanks to the goog-brain and interwebs – you can find plans to build almost anything online. Or even head to the old-fashioned bookstore. Something you built yourself just has much more meaning. And not made in China either!
  • Fruity decorative things. Not my bag of chips, but there are millions of “girly” things one can make by hand. All sorts of decorations, picture frames, pieces of art, etc.

It’d be nice to see the handmade revolution come back again. But with so many self-absorbed people who are spoiled by “easy” milling around, it’s not looking good.

Are you up to that challenge?

DIY Practical Christmas Gifts - DIY Practical Christmas Gifts

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